Icing sugar paste flowers

Merlin Framers

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Jan 24, 2003
Cornwall. England


Here are two images (I hope). Of a flower arrangement from the top of the wedding cake. They are made up from a form of icing sugar paste and are particularly fragile.
The reason for the box being so deep is a) The length of the wire stems and b) every 6 months the box has to be opened to retrieve the Silica Gel that is placed in the bottom of the arrangement. This is then placed in a low temperature oven to dry out before being placed back inside the box frame.
The frame size is 10" x 8" and the acrylic dome is 3" deep.
If this posting is successful then will post more flower arrangements but this time made with silk flowers.
John I am amazed that the flowers last. I was asked to do a job like this but the moisture here in New Orleans is a night mare and I don't know how much Silica it would take and the changeing frequencies tp insure that we won't have a melted glob in the Frame in no time.
However the biggest deterant is what others call BUGS (Roaches). I don't know about any where else but they will get into almost anything here and if there is something edible (Not to mention SUGAR) They'll be there in droves. What do you do to insure that won't happen?
Do you have any caveats or disclaimers for the client ?
The box is formed so that it is completely (??) air tight. ie the dome is fixed with silicone and the removable back box has a double rebate all round. Once fitted together and the clasp either side screwed home a run of paper tape is wrapped round the join.
The customers are made very aware that the onus is on them to look after the display and not to place it in too warm or humid conditions.
As to the flowers themselve. Yes they are a work of art and really beautifully presented on the wedding cakes. There is no sealer used at all, just plain sugar/flower paste.
However, they are not easy to work with as they are extremely fragile. I much prefer working with the silk flowers as they are more forgiving and can at least be 'tacked' with the hot melt glue.
But like everything its a challenge and brings a few extra pennies into the business..
the photos look great, glad you got them to work. I love the frames too. Kenneth(Reynard) wants to know if you got the perspex from Lion. He has a few sugar flowers to frame and hadn't thought of using that.
Hi Gail. Its thanks to you that the photos got there at all..
Yes the domes came from LIONS. I have searched the UK for domes glass or acrylic over the past two years. Have not found any glass ones at all and if I did, hey what would they cost??. Only one other place in Doncaster (name forgotten now) sold acrylic domes, but they would not sell them trade and would not give me the manufactures name. I suspect though that they also came from LIONS.. I will continue the hunt as I am looking for square dome of 75mm depth..
G'day john,
Not sure if you received my direct e-mail with flower photos yet, but if you are keen on convex glass, we ship them all over the place, don't see any reason why we can't do so to the UK.
With the Pound - Aussie Dollar, it might work out quite viable, as it does in the US.
Made in rectangles and squares, ovals, and circles.
Squares are made in numerous sizes for the flower ladies and framers here, but popular are the 300 x 300, 400 x 400, 450 x 450, usually around 75, 90, and 120 deep respectively, but can customise depths too. All dimensions in millimetres.
This one is a 406mm x 508mm (16" x 20") rectangle, approx 90mm (3-1/2") deep.

Yes thankyou have got your direct mail.. Give me a few more days please and scouting the country again, to see if any more suppliers have popped up.. To date though have only found acrylic supplies in 11 x 16 and 10 x 8..
John, I can see your pictures on my computer, so I'll ask, did you attach he flowers yourself? If so, with what? We have a customer who wants to frame a bunch of them. They are individual flowers, not on stems. I'm trying to get an idea of what is involved before even thinking about design.
Jframe. some of the flowers come as a completed 'bundle' (for want of a better word). They are attached to a green sponge we call OASIS. When we get loose flowers in for arranging, then we bind the wire stems together with florist green tape and then with very careful use of a 'hot melt' glue gun, we add the remainder. The completed bouquet is then set onto the mount again with the hot glue plus carefully concealed stitches through the back mount. Hope this helps, any more queries I will gladly try and answer. Good Luck. It is fairly easy to do and gives a good mark up!!
Thank you, John. That helps a lot. I may have other questions when we get into the design.