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Ice Rink Framing Gotchas?

KL Smith

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Jun 18, 2005
Jordan Village, ON, Canada
The local kid's hockey league wants us to create a framed piece that will be approximately 48 x 36 inches. Inside, will be 8 team photos at 10 x 15 inches each. The piece will be anchor mounted to a block wall in a hallway between two rinks. The hallway is not heated as far as anyone knows and the rink operates all year round. It will be glazed with acrylic of course. We will have to go in each year and replace the 8 team photos.

Other than the acrylic, my first inclination is to frame and mat this up as a normal piece as the environment will be fairly constant, but I'm not sure if the Alphamat Artcare will be an issue or not. There doesn't appear to be any problems with other pices on display there as far as I can tell. The photos will be corner mounted as well.

Can anyone offer any guidance on this?

"We will have to go in each year and replace the 8 team photos."

is that the royal 'we' of the 'just us' we?????
anyone paying you for this "privelege"??? any way to put in FC "mini" fram(& a sqare or 2 of mat boeard as backer) on reverse into which to prints would just pop-in....This would certainly get you out of the loop!

I have told them and they happily agreed to a fee of $75 to $100 per year to take the frame down, take it apart, replace the pictures (which will be corner mounted with acid free mylar corners), clean the acrylic glazing of course and put it back together and return it. As it turns out, union rules insist that their members actually remove it from the wall and replace it when it is ready. The frame BTW will be anchor bolted to the concrete block wall.

My main concerns were the issue of using matboard and a wood frame in an arena environment, but I am not hearing any issues from anyone so I can only assume that it will be okay.

If your ice rinks are like ours, you will have no problems. They use a type of air conditioning that keeps the air cool,dry and pollutant free.