I won, I won!

Jay H

PFG, Picture Framing God
Dec 8, 2003
This morning at a Chamber event I won two free round trip tickets to St. Louis. I wonder what to do in St. Louis? I hear there’s some nice frame shops there.
There's lots to do in StL, in addition to all the great frame shops. I lived there for about 4 years. My favorite place there is the Botanical Gardens which are the best I've ever seen, especially in the summer. Plus there's always the Arch, Cardinals, Rams, and Blues games, and the Anheuser Busch brewery tour.

I don’t mean to disparage your award, so don’t take this the wrong way, but … St. Louis? Big Whoop! What is it from Kentucky, a couple of hundred miles?

If they are sending you by river boat, nifty!

If they are sending you on the back of a pick up, watch out. They’re probably trying to get you out of town so that they can toilet paper your house.

Let’s see … things to do in St. Louis … there’s that tour of the dental floss factory that I understand is pretty neat. Don’t forget the Museum of Sludge and Debris – that’s in or near the river.

Oh yeah, East St. Louis has some nice architecture (best seen after dark I hear), just be careful of broken glass.

Seriously, have fun! It’s good to get away now and again.

What did you do to win this trip?

<font size=1>Just kidding around, everybody … Honest!</font>
It's a private corporate jet!

I worked in St.Louis for 6 months as a construction electrician (and its 3 hours and 42 minutes away). The very reason I went into business for myself when I got home was so that I never have to go back there again. I know the area better than I care to admit. I went through East St. Louis several times on the way to Alton and Collinsville. My wife wanted to bring the family up there to see me on weekends instead of me going home. I wouldn't have it, not even once.

But now that I own a frameshop I see that there are tons of shops in Alton and St.Louis. I just wish I had toured them while I was living there with nothing to do.

My wife took a class by some guys who, I think, owns one tiny little shop there named Bluestone! Might check out his little shack, eat lunch, and fly back. Its free!
Jay might be a good idea to stop in the Chamber Commerce St. Louis. Just to say Hi since your chamber sent you. Then I would map out all the frame shops and visit them. Then I would go out and have my way with the ladies of St. Louis for the night. Then Home to rest.
Hi Jay:

The St. Louis PPFA Chapter is going to sponsor a dinner shadowbox class hosted by John Raines II, on October 25. This class will be more than worth the effort to fly here, even if you had to pay for the flight.

Maybe the Cardinals will be playing in the World Series by then and you can catch that too.

I'm located between the A-B Brewery and Busch Stadium, so if you find yourself downtown please stop in. You'll see how not to run a frame shop.

However, any of the Art & Frame Gallery shops are worth a visit to see firsthand how an upscale retail store should be managed and operated.
"...he might just show you his operation."

I hadn't heard about that. He looked ok in Atlanta. I don't have my operation on tape but I could take video of my kids birth. ... ... ... Or were you talking about his store?
Daytime, tour frame shops.
Dinner at King of Garlic (I'll try and recall the steet. No way I'll remember the actual address)
Then go hear some live blues.

Dental Floss factory indeed! It's the gateway to the west, dontchya know.

Though I must admit that it is rather odd to win a chance to get out of town from an organization chartered to keep people interested in your town. . .
I remember the few nights I went out to Laclede’s landing looking for some blues music. I couldn’t find any worth listening to save my life. There was supposed to be a place called BB’s (not king). I never found it.

It was a Chamber event. Companies that participate in the even bring prizes. I took a photo frame and Corporate Airlines brought plane tickets.
Congratulations, you will have a great time in St.Louis. Drop me an e-mail when you get your dates set and I'll be glad to give you a list of any special events that will going on while your here.

There are many things to do in St. Louis and many of them are FREE.

In addition to the previously mentioned great ideas (Rams, Cardinals, AB tour, Shaws Botantical Garden) here a few more.

- World Class Zoo (One of the few free zoo's left in the country.) Forest Park {site of 1904 Worlds Fair] where the zoo is located has been restored to unbeliebable beauty, also located there is the Art and History Museums and a great golf course.

- Grant's Farm - owned by the Busch family, free tour of beautiful grounds and FREE beer!

- Fox Theater (Beautifully restored theater with several great shows playing this season, Producers, Mama Mia, Chicago,...)

- Casino gambling is legal in both Missouri and Illinois, nicest casino's are located near I-70 and the Missouri River.

- Dinner on: "The Hill" great Italian dining.

Let me know if I can make your trip more enjoyable!
I will. I went to the zoo about 2 years ago. It was very nice and the price was nice too!
Is the Switzer candy company still in St Loo? I remember getting the FRESHEST red licorice I ever had from there. Yum!
UNION STATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go see it!!!!!!!

Also, DO NOT forget to look in the hotel lobby when you go there. You will not be dissapointed :)!