I was "Struggling ,but I don't have a buiness to sell" However someone must think I h


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Nov 23, 1997
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I don't know if any one else received one of these in their email .I wouldn't have even opened it if it weren't for the reference to Donald Trump and his name being brought up in a thread about a struggling businesss owner who wants to sell and what they should be doing.

So maybe someone thinks I either need a lot of instruction or that I am a good candidate for being taught by "The Donald".?

I just thought some would be as amused as I was at the "COINCEDENCE?"

try going to this sight.


I like the pop ups (2) after closing DTU's website, they are almost as interesting as the web site itself!
I like the new Trump conceirge travel service that lets you book trips and travel like the Donald and when you enter your travel info it just links you to Travelocity. ha!
Travel like the Donald= private jet with gold-plated seatbelt buckles. Talk about looking for ways to spend money just for the sake of spending. Would it be so hard just to give it to a charity?
:confused: Rick