I want to know how a shop would price this


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Dec 1, 2004
New Westminster, B.C. Canada
Okay the invoice is sent so I have commited a price already.

Fotiou 4000Bl ~15" x 24"
previously stretched Cuban canvas. Restretched to take the waves out.
Black ribbon applied to edge of canvas/stretcher to hide the staples and give a nice black hole look.

I did 2 of these and the total bill submitted was $260.69 (can). I did a quick and dirty estimate of $120 each, told him it might be a bit more depending on the final materials cost...

So how does that compare. I feel that it is a fair price. I am a little worried that I really don't have a clue what the market price for this would be.
It really doen't do you much good to compare your pricing to mine because all markets are different. You need to compare to your own market.
That said, you would be low in my market...I'm not sure of the exchange rate, but my base pricing on this before having to restretch the paintings was well above yours. My pricing is upper-middling for my market.
I agree about the market issue. The lower mainland has a residential base, likely over 5 million...can't really remember right now. I am just really starting to be more commercial in my sales (for a basement P/T framer). I would feel awkward and cheap walking into a framing shop and saying..."how much". As a shop manager I would be annoyed (I think) to have someone ask if I became aware of their (my) motives. I don't have an ongoing relationship with any commercial outlets close by to ask. I walked into one "good quality" local shop to ask if they would cut two ovals for me (happy to pay for the service). They were polite, but I was snubbed. I respect that it was a business decision on their part, and they see me as potentially taking some of their business. On the other hand I was a paying customer..who walked out!
That is why I am asking here. It is safe, and for the most part respectful. People are willing to help each other!
Anyone in the lower mainland want to act as a mentor?
Thanks Again
Depending on how badly the canvas is rippled (wavy) you might have been able to fix it by lightly spraying the back of the canvas with water. It will tighten the canvas, and remove most waves, or dents. (I read this in a book written and printed by a company that makes canvases.)

Other than that, I'll have to check my prices tomorrow when I'm at the shop.
I think you charged a fair price (as an artist with a frame shop), and there is a product out called "Tighten UP" to spray on the back of canvases, however it will not take out bad wrinkles, just fixes looseness after framing.
You can but the TIghten up from the company by the case, but if you do not deal with many canvases, Michaels is the distributor retailer here in the states.