i want to go home early


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Jul 28, 2004
marquette michigan
it's way slow here.
I really want to go home.
I was going to stay open til three today.
Not sure i can stand another 2 hours of nothing...
but then again, that BIG order might walk throught the door...
or not.
i need a good reason to stay.
I;ve cleaned, sorted, started inventory,
been a good little shop owner... can i go home now?
We decided NOT to open today and I think we made a mistake.

The store next door called us at 10am and said 3 people had been in already, asking if we were opening late. (they didnt see the sign).

Happy New Year!
I thought it'd be dead quiet here today. Wrong! I've booked a dozen orders and had 3 pickups. Plus a previous frame shop owner came in with prints for me that clients have been looking all over for.

Another framer in town got chops when they wanted joins and doesn't want to wait for the turn around with the vendor, so I said I'd join them for her. She's on her way over.

This business is crazy! I don't think there is ANY way to predict ANY day's activity.

I'm leaving at 4. (2 hours early)

I say go home and have fun!
I haven't decided when to close today. In fact business has been so good this week I feel like I should be open tomorrow.......but I won't.

I've had a good hectic morning though.
Of course, it's a little late to be chiming in on this now but, when things are dead is the perfect time to be working on your marketing calendar for next year. Do you know what you're going to do, and when? Do you have designs planned for mailers? Do you have topics/themes planned for newsletters? Is your mailing list up to date?

Just remember this next time it is slow.