I took the practice CPF exam...


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Jan 1, 2005
...and took a butt wippin' It was 25 questions and I got only 15 correct. A couple questions I should have read more carefully, but others, I had no idea.

On the positive side, I took the practice exam with no prior study or training. I wanted to see how I'd do as is. I respect you guys & gals more now! I have so much to learn.
John: don't sweat it. When I took my original CPF exam it was loaded with all those math questions on how to cut mats, measure for them, etc. Well, we've always used a CMC and Iwas clueless. When I got my results back--and this is like five or so years ago--I had failed most of the math questions regarding the multiple openings and all that stuff but had virtually aced the rest of the stuff on proper conservation practices and all that.

Would suggest reading all the PPFA books--are they still available? dunno--and you'll be OK.

By the bye: do you HAVE to bea PPFA member to take the test? Dunno, but I think--and it's "think" only--that you don't have to be a member
You don’t have to belong to the PPFA – that would be illegal (e.g. you don’t have to belong to the ALA to take the bar exam).

You can also buy books at the PPFA site without being a member.
Where did you get the test?
The practice test (or at least the only one that I know about) is on the CPF Brochure...

And yeah, you don't have to be a PPFA member to take the test, but you get a $100 discount. Since the PPFA trial membership is only $50, if would make sense to just join the PPFA first and save 50 bucks (however there are other fees involved, like annual dues base on sales volume for your shop, so it might be wise to ask someone involved with the PPFA before taking my word for it).
Thanks. I realize the CPF is not necessary. There are exams in the IT field that are not necessary, but I studied and took some of them to be “certified”. It helps me with areas that I never get exposure to in my branch of the field. If I ever open a framing shop, I could see it helping customers feel more confident in me.

One requirement I don't understand is why I have to work as a framer (employed or own business) for 1 year before I'm permitted to take the test. On the IT side, anyone can go take the exams, such as the Network+ exam if they pay the fees.

What is the passing grade on the test anyway?
Yes, PPFA sells all the publications recommended in the CPF Study Guide. I bought them to start my "framing library" and still refer to them (or their current counterparts) regularly.

The PPFA membership deal might actually give a payback, as the discount on books & exam fees could exceed the currently-reduced membership cost.

Not only rookie framers, but even the crusty old veteran framers who attempt the CPF exam without studying the recommended books usually fail, because no amount of typical shop work would expose anyone to the preservation knowledge needed to pass. Those who have the fortitude to study hard and try again usually succeed on their second try.

The CPF requires a year of framing experience because it is a qualification for framers. It would be possible for someone who has never built a frame to pass the exam, if they study carefully, and a few framing industry sales representatives proved it some time ago.

The all-written CPF could be viewed as the first step toward total PPFA certification; the second step being the nearly-all-hands-on MCPF exam. If you thought the CPF was a good educational investment, wait till you go for the MCPF.