I think I'll become a lurker thanks to Google


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Jun 13, 2002
Fingerlakes Region of NYS
I am thinking I will become a lurker on the Grumble.

I just "googled" my business name and alot of what appeared in the results were grumble threads...

I don't think I will be posting any more for a while - I prefer a little more privacy.

Anyone else bothered by this?

Change your name in the profile. Then your posts won't match your business name!

Or you could use your posts as free advertising on Google. Just a thought. I googled Bob Doyle, and I am either a self help guru, or a wealthy business man, or a tech expert. I never knew! ****, even my dad showed up in the list and I didn't!I'm gonna have to post more here I think!
If this is a big enough of a problem, Framer can put a "robots.txt" file which tells the search engines NOT to index the contents of the message boards.

I checked (prematurely) to see if my new website was showing up in the search engines and discovered that most of the hits were Grumble posts.

And, yes, I was a bit taken aback.
Originally posted by Rozmataz:

Anyone else bothered by this?


I have pondered this delemna all afternoon whilst cutting holes in pieces of matboards and I can positively tell you that ............. no, it doesn't bother me one bit!

(Not since it isn't MY website which I haven't rebuilt as yet!!) :confused:

But you don't have to lurk or not post on the Grumble, dear, just change your business name to something like "Acme Framing" or "AAA Custom Framing" and keep it a secret so Barney Google doesn't find out about it!

(I wonder how many framers have ever heard of THAT song???)

I didn't get any grumble posts coming up but when I typed in my full name I had my profile page from a genealogy forum show up. I thought it was just for users of that forum.

I really don't think these should show up anyplace but on this forum but not much is private these days.
Well, since I don't have Google I used the search engine with the puppy that I guess is my default and I typed in State of the Art and Buffalo NY and up came over 5000 references with those words in it.

The first link where I found my shop was at PictureFramer.com which also listed Paulette's shop (gone for about 2 years) and Bonds (where I used to work after Kramer)(gone for about 4 or 5 years!) LOL!

Then there was a link to Kim's website.

My eyes got blurry by the fifth page with 15 entries so I typed in my shop name and full address. The result? "sorry - nothing found."

I guess I'm not worried. And what if a customer stumbles across the Grumble? They'll just find me a confused and humble but very nice person - right???
On MSN, I can do a search for 'google', and it will provide me with a link to the Google Search Engine. I don't know who your IP is, but it might be interesting to do a 'search' for Google.
Those little plastic bubbles with the black disk rolling back and forth are called Google Eyes.

I read somewhere that in the late 80s that their world wide production (1 company) was 100billion+ ANNUALY. :eek:
Roz, I don't like it either. I think what we say here should stay here. We shouldn't have to change our names or our business names.
This is weird! I typed in the name of Roz's shop into the MSN search engine and got 1 of 1 response: you guessed it - the Grumble!

I typed in Framar and there are over 5000 references, a couple to Kim's forum on her website and a lot of cutlery sites (someone makes knives with my name on them? wow!) but I never did see me on the Grumble (of course I did not go thru all 5000 entries...).

I guess my shop name is far too generic - I might as well have gone with kleenex frame shop! Hmmmmm.....
Roz - so if ONLY the Grumble appears on the MSN search - where the heck is your website????? How come it can find the G and not your website?

Perhaps MSN is just a really lousy search engine and that's why Google has become a verb? I mean, after several pages of "custom frame shops" or "custom picture framers" or any of the words in my shop name, the search engine ignores phrases that are grouped together, even with quotes, and starts giving me SHOPS, PICTURES and CUSTOMS!!! AY-yi-yi!

I dunno, maybe I'm doing it wrong, and I am as afraid of Google as I am of ebay.

But I kinda like the idea of this being a fine and PRIVATE (sort of) place to let off steam away from prying eyes...
I typed my name into google and got 1,560,000 hits. I'm amazed to learn that I am a Professor of Computer Science at Princeton, an Associate Professor of Marine Geology and Geophysics and Geological Sciences at the University of Miami, an artist, a professor of Mathematics at the University of North Dakota, a music professor at the University of Delaware, a professor Eneritus at the University of Guelph, a real estate agent, a minister, a farmer who was cited by the USDA for tainted cows, an author, a Certified Water/Wastewater Technician, a 4-4-2 owner, an actor, established the Code Amber foundation, the Director of Music for Augustana College (I almost went there), a collector of western and Glacier National Park art, a husband, guilty of murder in New Jersey, a Doctor, a bus driver interviewed by the FBI in the THEODORE JOHN KACZYNSKI case, specialist in paleoceanography, died on April 8, 2002, entered a Humpback Whale Photo Contest, died again on August 7. 2002, am an attorney (YUK!!!), am the Secretary/Treasurer of the OREGON FUNERAL DIRECTORS ASSOCIATION, am a baritone and that was just in the first couple of hundred hits.

Now I know why I've been so tired lately.

When I was a freshman at the University of Illinois there were 4 Larry Petersons in my freshman class.

Roz; just change your name to Larry Peterson and no one will ever find you again.
I'm the only one of me!!!

A search for my name (in kwotation marks) lead to an amazing THREE results!!! Two of them were for a post to a thread in 2002 on the "Framer to Framer" forum.


Most Unfamous Grumbler (MUG)
If it really does begin to concern you then log into your profile and edit your profile, add an underscore or similar to you display name.
I'm amazed. If I put in my full name with initial, every single instance (10) really is me.... and the first one is a grumble thread
Well, it just goes to show how well known you are, David. I got all sorts of Ellen Collinses, none of which were me. Ellen Collins, MCPF got only things that WERE me... PPFA stuff and Grumble stuff... I figure if you put it out there, it can be found. Which is why my husband won't have anything to do with the internet. Strange for a former computer analyst... or maybe he knows something???
Framar, I don't think there is any need to be afraid of Google. It is very user friendly. Try it, you'll stick with it.


I just put framar in Google and got 5,200 hits. None of the first 30 were about you, it seems they are about construction. There is even a framar.com.
Everything that is published on an open forum is public information. The Web is essentially a world of public information. To protect content from searches passwords to sights would need to be employed. Even then that won't stop it unless as Mike said the sight is hidden from search engines. Personally, if it wasn't for the public aspect I would not have found information that was extremely important to me even though to get it I had to become a member of the sight.

I just Googled “The Framer’s Loft” and found links on a Chamber of Commerce site in Alaska, and another on an interior decorator site in Kent, England. Cool!

Okay, … a long way to commute, but I’ll accept their business and give 'em free Floreat hangers if they come.
I did a search under the gallery name and found a coupon site that had a coupon that we listed on our website a few years back. The was no "Contact us" on the website that would allow me to contact them and tell them the coupon was not good. Just goes to show you how important it is to put an expiration date on everything. I imagine if anyone finds it and comes in because of it, we would honor the coupon.

Did a search on my name and about four grumble threads came up.

I like the idea of hiding the site from search engines if possible.
Oh, My, I didn't realize the depth of my comments here.

I have to say it is not my website or business that I mind being "out there" in cyberspace - that is a good thing - it is my personal remarks to threads - it's like the commercial on tv for Diamonds where the guy is with his wife in a huge open European fountain area and starts yelling out "I LOVE THIS WOMAN" and she is so embarrassed... that's how I feel... shhhhh, quietly we exchange information and then it gets put on the loud speaker! Ha - just reminded me of some pranks in high school which I won't elaborate on!!

I will do you a favor and loan you my company name and website for your profile:
Frame Destination, Inc.


As you can see, I am not worried about it. Anything that leaves your computer and gets on your phone line is permanent public domain, and lots of stuff that you do not send out of your computer leaves anyway. Privacy is a fantasy. I realized that when I requested the results of government clearance investigation and got a 3-inch stack of paper in the mail. I strive for privacy through anonymity. There is so much information available on so many people that no one will bother with it unless you cause yourself to stand out.


Roz- that's one of the commercials I have to hit the mute button for. It drives me nuts, not only because the guy is embarassing his wife, but because she suddenly realizes the depth of her love for him after finding out he's the kind of guy who would give her very expensive jewelry in a public place.

If this is a big enough of a problem, Framer can put a "robots.txt" file which tells the search engines NOT to index the contents of the message boards.


Mike, I know I am replying to a very old post as a result of a search, but was this ever done?
When I search for my name I get mostly Kirstie Alley LOL! But right now I have aobut 34 results for the business on Google (Yea!) --3 pages worth--and a few are Grumble posts. This doesn't bother me because I have always been aware that this is a public forum. Still, it would be nice to know the status of your old post above.

If your business name is not in your message / posts, Google can't find it.

For some, having their business name easily found by Google is a blessing.

Please don't become a lurker!....:p
It may have been done with the old grumble in 2004, but not the new one from Sept 2006

Well, try having a name like Mecianne. Sort of like being Elvis....or Madonna....except without the fame and the money. Seriously though, 849 results for Mecianne on Google. Most are Grumble posts. I really don't think anyone is going to get me confused with someone else. So it kind of makes it weird that if anyone actually cared to Google my name, they would have no doubt it is me. Well, there were a few results that weren't connected to me. One was for something in German, one in French, one in Spanish and another was a white page listing for the lady I was named after.

Lots of hits lead to info about our business or to our website, which is a good thing.
Speaking of names, we thought it was really clever when my late partner Kim came up with the name "State of the Art", for our business.

Try searching for that name - all I get is Buff STATE College, ART galleries, "state of the art" fitness whatevers - me and my website - we're way down the list! There are more listings for art galleries in Ithaca than frame shops in Buffalo!


(sitting at home for 2 hours now waiting for towtruck to jump my car or bring me a new battery!)
How interesting - if I search for Custom Picture Framing and add my name and the street location plus Buffalo the first three links are for my website.

Guess it doesn't matter if anyone knows the name of the shop as long as they remember MY name!!!

(Called auto place - they thought the guy had already been here! Oops.)
More privacy questions

I don't mind having my name associated with the business on the forum, or I wouldn't have put it there. I like to be helpful and can't really do that if I make it difficult to see who I am. But one more question, Mike, what are the rules for Warped Moulding? Who can see this and who can't? A private place to vent occasionally is a good thing!
Warped moulding is a protected area of our forum. It should NOT be appearing on any search engines, because it requires registration and confirmation before someone can see that forum.

Since the search engine spiders aren't registered, they don't have access to index the content in that forum.

I dunno, Mike - any way to make the computer forum invisible as well as Warped? Id hate for everyone in the world to know how many idiotic computer problems I have wrestled with around here. ;)
Paul... Thanks, I won't be just a lurker!

... and I was surprised to see this thread come back to life after 2 1/2 years!!

TG lives on and on and on.... !

Go Grumble!!

Ah, sorry Roz, that was me. I did a search on Grumble privacy and your post came up. Now I know where I can kick and scream somewhat privately when something goes wrong--Warped Moulding ;) How many posts do you have to write to be registered and see Warped? Just one? Hmmm....Thanks Mike. don't mean to grill you.