I need to GRUMBLE!!!


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Feb 23, 2004
Kennebunk, Maine
This drives me insane...

Customer brought in photo to be rematted and put back in the original frame. We chose Bainbridge Deep Sage 8 ply. She only needs a piece about 10 x 9 so, as you all know, I need to make darn sure I sell the rest of a 32x40 sheet to make any money.

Looking through my scraps, I find 2 small pieces of 4ply Deep Sage. AWESOME! I bonded them together with Fusion 4000 in the heat press and cut a perfect v-groove and window opening. Awesome! Right? I just made $26 off scrap... right? Nope. I incorrectly measured the window opening in the design. Gotta order a full sheet of 8 ply anyway.

Here is just a thought. I know we all have different pricing theories and strategies, however, don't you think that it is a good idea to cover your cost no matter how big or small the mat will be. You may think that my pricing is un-fair to the customer, but I think your way is un-fair to the framer.

On an 8 x 10 mat I make very little money, but I don't loose any.

The days you score a nice mat out of the scrap, or a fabric wraped mat, with fillet, and a sliver of Museum glass out of all scrap . . . . how come we don't see you noting THAT on the grumble...

Because, like most of us, you capture a little here, and a couple there and don't even really give it a thought; other than "oh, GREAT, I don't have to order another _______".

But like Jerry, we price that 8x10 to reflect at least half the sheet.

Now for my grumble......

I had a small stack of glass with three long (40") and wider than 12" pieces of ConClear, and 1 piece of Museum that was just big enough for the 11x21 needing to do... ($core $128 from scrap).... I was gone for 3 days . . . . . someone decided to "straighten-up" . . . so today I was cutting "scrap sponges" (3.5x5s, 4.6s, 3x7s) all out of fresh sheets of 8x10. :mad:
Originally posted by Kittyfaces:

Looking through my scraps, I find 2 small pieces of 4ply Deep Sage. AWESOME! I bonded them together with Fusion 4000 in the heat press and cut a perfect v-groove and window opening. Awesome! Right?

Next time try this, bond a piece of white core white&nbsp scrap to one&nbsppiece of your "found" matboard. You only needed the sage color on top anyway and you will have a backup if you do what you did on this one.

CharlesL, Erin's post said she wanted to Grumble not Gloat!

Glad you have such energetic employees that are willing to show some initative! Sorry they did it with the expensive glass first! I tend to smash and throw out the regular glass scraps, and save the CC. Then scratch the CC when I find a use for them! Don't know which is worse, reaching for and finding the glass missing, or finding it there and with a HUGE scratch in the center!

Happy Holidays everyone!
Oh I agree on the pricing. A whole sheet of 8 ply will cost me $25.07 and the cost for the customer's 10 x 9 will be $26 and change. I pretty much break even but I was looking at PROFIT if I hadn't measured wrong!! I had already profited off of the 4 ply board that the scraps came from... I was bummed because I could have made another $26 off a board that I already made money from... does that make more sense?

When I miss these opportunities to profit smartly, I never seem to realize it until I've already ordered the material and cut everything perfect on the first try!!! Murphy's Law...

Hittin' the eggnog a bit early, eh??

I think that was Baer Carlton that posted the "gloat 'n grumble" post.

(Or maybe you jumped over from another thread in mid-thought??)

Actually, a cold spiked eggnog sounds kinda good right now.

(Or a hot toddy with a touch of Jamaican!)


What line is "dark sage" from? I don't recognize the name from the Artique or Crescent line.

Oh! Now I see why you suggested the white core bottom mat... you didn't realize I was talking about solid-core rag! I thought YOU were hitting the eggnog!

On any special order board, my minimum price for a mat is the retail price for a full sheet of board.

I would charge $43.40 for Erin's mat. I probably wouldn't sell a lot of those.

(Erin, for YOU, it would be 15% off.)
I knew were you were at Erin on that deep sage. It is one that I [IMHO] think we should stock. It goes so well with old photos and pictures. Something we do a lot of.

I just wanted to tease you in hopes that you would smile a bit. Mat board and everything else that we can swear at knows its a stressfull time right now. :D But . . . there is that nog
Originally posted by Framerguy:

Hittin' the eggnog a bit early, eh??

cold spiked eggnog s
I think that was Baer Carlton that posted

Oops, hit the egg nog early, and just started waking up! Sorry Charles and Baer!
Darn, Erin. Yesterday Bob was inviting you down to his shop to use his oval cutter and today Ron is offering you a discount! I think you should have tried selling the customer the miscut!
Topic: "I need to GRUMBLE!!!"

Sorry, Erin. No grumbling allowed on this BBS.

This is really the Picture Framers GrAmble. It's only for framers who play, or played college football at Grambling U.

<font size=1>That IS good nog, idn'it? I sink I gonna git me anudder wun...</font>

Yeah, I didn't want to sound totally stupid but I am still waiting since last summer for my new set of Bainbridge samples. I had a rep here and he promised a set to me since mine were over 6 years old and have not been updated since before I moved to Florida.

(I've heard that all good things take time but this is ridiculous!!)

I didn't realize that your mat was part of the solid rag line.

(I don't think they were out when I received my last update on BB samples back in '99.)