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Jay H

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Dec 8, 2003
I need some ideas for a brochure. I am going to have a booth at a Chamber breakfast next month and I would like to have some brochures printed. Like usual I have waited until the last possible second. Now I have to come up with the text for a brochure and I am too busy and totally uninspired to do this. HELP! Ideas? I have to say “Postcard ideas” thread helps a bit. I think with my logo and other images I have I can put something together, but the text is really stumping me right now. What am I going to say today?

This might be the first post ever that was veered off topic in the first post but I’m going to anyway. I found this site looking for somebody to print the brochure: www.koolprint.com When you enter this site a little screen pops up that looks like a chat box. It happened so fast that I thought it was just java scripts. I ignored it until I started to feel like it was a real person. It is! They are a little more expensive but I think I’m going to use them. Not only because they have this cool feature but it doesn’t hurt. I would have to say that for a functional website that feature makes this one the best I have ever seen!
We have a brochure that we hand out that is entitled "Custom Framing: More than meets the Eye". It details in short form what good custom framing should be and how you get that at Howards. Shall I send you a copy?
Beggers cant be choosers but can you fax it if you don't have a digital copy of it?
Well, I don't know about him Ellen, but you can send me one!

Also Jay, if you have publisher, I can try to send you a couple of my brochures via e-mail if you need them that fast. Or I can snail mail them to you if you have a couple of days.

email would be great. jay@greatangles.com I need to update my profile but I don't want a new password :confused: I just learned this one!

Yea Im wanting to get it written today because times a tick'n for me.
Ellen, can you post a copy of the brochure you mentioned. I'd be interested in seeing it too.
I would be interested to see it also! I think Betty wrote an article a couple of months ago regarding this topic (in Art Review),although I could be mistaken. It's been in my subconscience ever since. If I could bring it to the conscience, maybe I could produce one.
I've mentioned brochures in several articles, but haven't done one specifically on brochures (that's a good idea for one though.)

I'm forever designing new brochures. I have my original one that covers both caning and framing that I use for general introduction. Then there's the one for professionals' offices (doctors and lawyers, etc) and the one specifically for artists. The one for saving customer's time, and the one for high school seniors. Everytime I think of a new "audience" I create a brochure!

There are some basic "intro" things that I use in all of them; and logos and such, and then I just tailor the "message."

With M/S Publisher and a printer, it's the least expensive form of advertising that I do!

That is exactly the problem I'm having; message!

I can handle images and design stuff but I'm struggling with message. See I have been reading allot, loads, of marketing books lately. They have a common theme; Sell benefits not features. Emphasize what you sell not how. Create demand, interest, and attention. Find your Unique Selling Proposition U.S.P. and sell that first and loudest.

Doing all these effectively is not for a do-it-yourselfer like me. I think this is better left up to professionals but I can't afford one. Learning to do this correctly is much harder than to frame correctly. I can talk about my business for hours to framers, but selling my service to a civilian is a whole other matter!!!!

Maybe we can start a list of ideas like this. For example I recall from E-Myth reading about how Allstate doesn't sell "insurance" they sell security. BMW don't sell cars they sell "luxury". Dial don't sell soap they sell "health". I understand this concept clearly with these products. Putting one or two simple themes like this on framing is tougher for me.
Count me in. I want publisher copies of all your brochures. \ We've been thinking about a brochure, but I think you've hit the head on the nail with different brochure for different audiances (oh no, here comes Captain Spell...)
And to think that I write for pocket change.
I think this is a powerful tool that can be combined with talking to organizations too. Most people don't realize that if a person is willing to give a 20 minute speach/Q&A on a subject that is at least attempted to target the listening group; there are any number of organizations that meet for luncheons or breakfasts who would jump at the chance to have you talk to them.
I once addressed a luncheon of lawyers about "Power framing for the professional office". In the course of the next month 6 of the lawyers came or sent their diplomas to be done or redone at about $650 each. (it's a set of 3 documents). Then they came back for artwork and frames. Bottom line: 1 hour lunch and talk, $17,000 in work that would have gone elsewhere.

Best book I've read lately: "What Client's Love" but Harry Beckwith. $20 at Office Depot or $25 at Barns & Noble. I now have 6 more copies on order.
20 minute speech? about power framing? Let's see... Baer probably spoke about design and color, and peppered it with conservation and it's benefits. So perhaps that's a good place to start for subject matter. Here's some ideas I think I'll put into a brochure:
1. What is conservation framing and how does one benefit from it?
2. Why is framing so expensive?
3. Design and Color...I think this subject is best covered graphically. But maybe Baer spoke about how it can set the mood, so I'll throw a couple words in about that.
I've got to leave, but quickly, here is some of the content common in all my brochures:

Looking for a framer? Follow these words of advice from FACTS* (Fine Art Care and Treatment Standards.)

Picture framers are not all the same; framing has its standards but it is also an art. Do not count on every framer having the same materials sources, or in house standards of quality. Remember most framers are craftspeople that do their best work when they can do the type of framing they like best.

Some framers limit the type of work they do, or specialize in one or more types of framing. These are the things that should be discussed and understood. It is important that you have confidence in your framer and the choice of materials and techniques that will be used in your framing. Improper quality materials and/or techniques can adversely effect or even damage your art.
When looking for qualified help, check for professional associations and affiliations, it is not a guarantee of quality but it does indicate a professional attitude toward their work. It is not enough just to look in the phone book and pick a name, give the same thought to your choice of conservator or framer as you would to your choice of a physician. The professions are similar, nothing is known absolutely, and the learning process is constant. A diploma or certificate is not a guarantee of quality; most education comes with experience. A professional never minds being asked to show you his or her work, or provide you with references. 

(*For more information on FACTS and the standards of fine custom framing go to

And then...
Individual components or complete framing services available.

Choose from purely decorative and inexpensive framing with paper mats, regular glass, and foamcore backing.
Framing done with
“future heirlooms” in mind. Conservation framing utilizing 100% Rag matboard with uv blocking conservation glass or acrylic glazing, and acid-free foamcore backing.

We do it all!
30+ years experience as a custom framer

And finally..

Who are we?
Newman Valley Studio was opened in 1990 to provide top quality craftsmanship through creative custom framing, chair caning, and wicker repair.
We are working to build a reputation as individuals who have become professional craftsmen through dedication, education, and experience. And that, in addition to being the most versatile and experienced Art and Antique Gallery/Caning and Picture Framing shop in the Southeast, Newman Valley Studio is also the most dependable and trustworthy.

Members of:
Southern Highlands Handicraft Guild
Foothills Craft Guild
Professional Picture Framers Assoc.
East Knox County Business and Professional Assoc.
Subscribing member of FACTS
(Fine Art Care and Treatment Standards)
And the Art and Framing Council
Contributing writer for:
Décor Magazine
Picture Framing Magazine
Monthly column “Grow Your Business” for Art & Frame Review Magazine

“We put the Custom back in
customer!” ™

I'll look for more content when I get back.

Be sure to edit the dates as they are already passed.

Other than that, it looks great!