I need some idea's for framing eye glasses.


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Mar 2, 2003
My eye doctor dropped off 6 antique eye glasses to be framed and two eyeglass cases. Any idea's for something unique?

Thanks for your help :cool:

Happy holidays.
Clear film straps to mount each of them on an elevated platform of foam center board under a rumpled fabric-covered mat. If one or another is more important than the rest, put it on a higher platform.
The noses or partial face sections from foam manequin heads can help in making a support. I'd still use the clear film straps, but the idea of faces emerging from the background intrigues me.
You could get some of Michael Jackson's back-up noses. I hear he kneeds the money, he may even through in a monkey at no extra charge.
If you do a truly outstanding job, do you make a spectical of yourself? :eek:

I like the noses and eye sockets...

You could make a plaster cast of someones face then just get some floral Green Block and just smack it into the mold.... it will take the shape then you can slice away the extra.

Mylar is good, but I like the strength and long term hold power of fine brass wire. You can feed a loop up through the foam and fabric. Run the glasses into the loop, and pull it tight.
Splay, glue and tape off on the back.