I need some help ...need a 6 inch miter vise...


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Jan 11, 2003
Pensacola Florida
Anyone using any of the 6 inch miter vises ???
I thought I had read something about these somewhere on the Grumble, but can't find it ...
I need one of heavy duty type miter vises ( Like the old Stanley 400) but one that will hold moulding up to 6 inches + wide....Any one with any leads/info....it would be very much appreciated.......
J. Michael
And "Hurricane" season is almost over !!!
Gearold Ledsome makes the nicest big honker vices I've seen.

He's on the Grumble. Maybe he'll see this and speak up or maybe I have his email address at home.

Or maybe you could do a search.
I wasn't through talking !!!
Thanks folks for all the quick replies and help...
I have gone onto UMS and can't seem to find the model 5663 Anaconda vise...I will keep looking...
If I can't find it. Does this vise look anything the old Stanley 400 style ???
Thanks for all your help...
J. Michael