I Need Old Books or Their Dustjackets...


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Jul 30, 1997
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Before I go out on ebay or something, I'll ask here. I need the old "original"-looking editions of Dale Carnegie books. "How to Win Friends..." was published in 1936 and carried that old cover for a long time. The paperback edition had the same effect. Then there's "How to Help Your Husband Get Ahead." I just know some of us lovely ladies have one hidden away in the nightstand. Or any other authentic title of his.

Did you know that both Dale Carnegie and Carrie Nation are buried in Belton, Missouri? I'll be putting artifacts and pix up in a restaurant and would love to have the authenticity of a "real" book. I don't think these are worth much, but I will hit ebay tonight.

If anyone has one, I'd be happy to discuss it.
Make sure the sites on e-bay are good ones. Just read about those being scammed buying books on line. I don't think I have any. NPR suggested this site. Powells.com Our library has used book sales during the warmer months. Maybe yours does all the time.
MM, I don't know what the original covers looked like...seems as if there was a picture of Dale on it. Anyway, Amazon.com has 5475 hits for Dale Carnegie books, and "How To Win Friends..." is the first one.

EDIT: you can order used AND new editions
My paperback is "copy No. 1712038 of the most popular work of non-fiction of our time." It is from 1940 or later, but the cover is peeling and sort of yucky. I realize this is no help to you, but I was pleased that after my recent move I was able to put my hands right on it.

Alibris seems to have a 1936 paperback for $2.95