I need gift boxes for 8 x 10"s. Any ideas!!!!


Apr 13, 2003
Hi. I am going to need a quantity of gift boxes to hold an 8 x 10 framed piece. I found that Culver FRame Co. does carry this type of item. I need to find more sources please!! Any ideas!! Any companies that come to mind? Greatly appreciate your direction. thx. joey.
Look up cardboard box companies in the yellow pages. Seems like that would be a standard size they could get for you.
I am a grumbler - but I also sell gift boxes/retail packaging...

Most of that size are in lots of 100. Do you need that many or smaller quantity?

And are you looking for a foldup box or a rigid/set-up box.... the 8 x 10 frames - hold 8 x 10 photos, but what is the outside dimension you need.

Once you provide this info, I can direct you better!!

Seymour, if I new such a source I wouldn't use my framers make appropriate boxes for our foto frames. Thin cardboard, shiny screaming gift boxes are available but they are not suitable for frames. They are made with cheap Indian gift trinkets in mind. Besides, there is a minimum quantity involved and I suspect that you need just a few dozens of them.
In case this may inspire you, one of my largest photo frame clients is ordering photo frames without boxes exactly for the purpose of avoiding the "commercially, mass produced" feeling which most gift boxed items are likely to induce in many people's mind. Is it possiblle that a different packaging would compliment your frames in a more flattering way than cheap gift boxes available out there?
Whynot... you raise issue with the cheap cheesy corrugated boxes that trinkets/trash come in... that is an entirely different market from what I sell. There are many choices, and a custom made box requires a minimum run of 200.
I was not talking of your product, Rose, but of my experience with shopping for good gift boxes.
I wish your boxes are of otstending quality, unlike the ones I found when I needed mines. Until one is there he doesn't realize how poor a product looks in a gift box that was not designed with his product in mind. But then maybe this is not always important or evident to everybody.
Oh, I realize that Whynot! And true, a custom designed box is somewhat like custom framing - it is done to suit the picture it holds!!