I love my cellphone and my computer.


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Oct 13, 1999
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When I computerized, other framers that I know said I was crazy. My framer came from an uncomputerized shop. I want to take this time to tell everyone that I love technology, especially my computer and my cellphone. I can leave and still be available. I can gather information in one spot. I can follow up and I can organize. My framer and I save tons of time. Communication and information are very important to my business.

Happy new century AL,
How computerized are you? Mat cutter? pricing software? catalogue on cd? how much time DO you save? what was your setup BC (befor computer)?
Sorry about the third degree but I'm a one man band in a small new shop and although a fan of technology don't feel I would gain much yet. Certainly on turnover it is not warranted at the moment, but would like to know which way to aim.

Looks a bit like a term paper dosn't it.

(When grading neatness and spelling will be taken into account) - (yours, not mine)

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Pricing software. Yes
Computerized Mat Cutter. No
Website. Yes
Financial Software. Quickbooks & Pricing Software industry specific.
Organizing. Act!2000. Yes
Scanner. Absolutely.
Inkjet photo printer. Yes
Digital Camera, Absolutely not. See my Thread
Internet Access. Yes
Daytrader. Yes
Laserjet printer. Yes
Catalog. Absolutely not. Not feasible.
Mailing lists. Yes
Inhouse ads. Yes
Write inhouse reports. Yes
Microsoft Office. Absolutely.

Start with your pricing software and work that mailing list. The financials are nice also.

Work that mailing list! It will get you the rest. Market, Market, Market. Direct Mail.


BC (Before computer we were as technical as NCR paper could get.) We do a lot of business with myself and a really great framer. You would be surprised. We positioned ourself for growth. We have a budget and stick to it. We are focused.

PS-My husband was a management consultant. His input is tremendous. He help companies increase their profitability.


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Received your assignment-
Content 100%
Layout 100%

Good work - quick too (have not found any spelling errors yet but still checking.) (Ha! found one - second to last line -input not imput- will have to deduct 1 mark for that)

Pricing software? could you be more specific?

Catalogue on cd? I meant art etc possibly in conjunction with framing software

What sorts of things do you do with your mailing list?

Thanks, Terry

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Ahem......that "imput" would be more correctly defined as a "typo." This board tickles me.

AL's much more into it than I on technology, but there's no question that it makes my one-woman-shop easier to run. Doing without my computer IN this business would send me OUT of business. And what pricing software do you use, AL? Seems to me you've mentioned its name previously.
Dear MM,

I use Frameworker. It is no longer supported by the software company, but I make it work. I have about 200 additional reports I have written using the databases included. All you need is a good data collection system and the ability to migrate the data into RR Report Write, Access, Excel or something similar. I am looking for a replacement package. Follow my thread under the computer software topic. I am pretty particular about how the system collects data and the ability to get in and migrate data out for analysis and marketing purposes. My background was a system's analyst before getting into something of my own. Computers are second nature to me.

Sorry about the typos my fingers can not keep up with my thoughts.


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What do I do marketing wise? Why direct mail of course. Perhaps you enjoy viewing a sample of my newsletter at www.DahlFineArt.com. We also send letters to new people moving into the area and merge that database with our active customers. One of my clients owns an upscale magazine and he sent the magazine to my mailing list. Work those Lists!!!!!! Loved it.

Typo Shmypo - I'm stoll taking 1 mark off

10th Jan. Hey thats cheating - going back and editing out your typos. Are you trying to make me look foolish. Now before any one else jumps in, YES I am perfectly capable of doing that by myself.

Should deduct 1 more mark.

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MerpsMom -
As a fellow sole practitioner how do you use the computer?
Is it just book keeping, accounting etc or is there a specific framing related use? If so what?

Am certainly using lots of ?'s today but now that you have been tickled into a good mood perhaps we can finally get to the bottom (if thats the right word) of this floozie matter!

Signed,Just Curious