I keep getting booted off!


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Nov 2, 2001
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Can any of you computer <strike>geeks</strike>wiz's tell me what is wrong here? Everytime I go in to do an image search on Google my computer freezes and tells me "Compuserve has encountered a problem and will have to close now". Is it the "worm"? I was doing an image search yesterday in Liebermans site and come to think of it, it did the same thing. Everything else seems to be running okay.

Although while I am here......for whatever reason my computer at home for the past week or so won't bring up Compuserve. I click on the icon as usual and the image comes up but it quits loading. I have had to resort to control/alt/delete and end task a couple of times to get it to finally load. Any ideas?

These are two different problems on two different computers.

confused computer user

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Have you updated your antivirus, if not, do so, run a scan and find out if you have a virus. There are several things both Norton and MS tell you to do. Not a whiz, just a couple basics to try first.
Nope, I just ran my scan and checked for updates and everything is clean as a whistle. Thanks for the idea though Jpete.
I'm confused too. Is compuserve just your ISP, or are you using some sort of compuserve-made browser to surf the net, or what's the deal?
Kathy, it just dawned on me, my daughter was having the same problem. When using Outlook express, I imagine other e-mails may have the same thing, go to, tools, options, connections and see if you have a check in a box that says disconnect after sending and receiving. If so, uncheck and hit apply, ok and that should fix the problem. Hopefully that will do it. You might also try deleting temporary internet files and all the cookies.

WG, Compuserve is like AOL. They may be having trouble with cleaning up the virus.

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Originally posted by Webgirl:
I'm confused too. Is compuserve just your ISP, or are you using some sort of compuserve-made browser to surf the net, or what's the deal?
You see Webgirl, that is exactly the type of question that seperates the "Geeks" from the "Dopes". :D Just so you have some sort of idea what a nongeek you are dealing with. I am assuming I am using Internet Explorer? Compuserve is the ISP I have.

JPete's advice helped a bit. I did empty my cookie jar and I did a disc clean up and I defragmented. That seemed to take care of the problem with the home computer.

This one here at work which is XP still dumps me off if I search for any image. I am so ignorant on XP I am not even sure how to empty the cookie jar or any of that stuff. I am under the impression I am not collecting cookies though.

I've got a question I sent in to Microsoft help. I suppose I should send one to HP since that is my system. Plus D'oh! I guess I should ask Compuserve's help line too? Never thought of that.

This is very annoying. Thanks for any ideas.
That is bizarre. So you're using Microsoft Internet Explorer, going to Google, doing an image search, and then your internet connection crashes? Or the browser crashes? (Is it just a plain "Microsoft Internet Explorer" or does it always have the word "Compuserve" at the top too?)
Kathy, IE has it's own tools, options, check out the privacy setting...if it is set high or medium you may not be able to get anywhere at all. I couldn't get back on this site to log in until I set it at low. You also will find cookies and temp files in IE using XP.

Under tools, options, general, temporary internet files, settings, increase the amount of disk space to use for these files. Images take up a lot of space.

You could also do a system restore. Start, Help and Support, System restore (or undo changes & restore), a box will open asking if you want to restore to an earlier date. Click yes and then go to a date prior to your problems. It may help.

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Click Control-Alt-Delete in XP and click on Task manager. Look for a file called msblast.exe. If you have it you are infected with the Blaster Worm. One of the primary reports is being continually kicked of and shut down. Depends on the system. If you have the worm, nortons has a removal tool on the internet. Antivirus will not pick it up if you were already infected.
I did what you said Jerry, and I seem to be clean as a whistle. I went into Ask Jeeves and tried an image search and i didn't get booted so I wonder if it is a Google thing. This morning it doesn't even tell me "Compuserve has encountered an error....." it just simply closes the internet when the images start to load. I tried to copy the error report which is supposed to send to Compuserve, but I haven't gotten a response. The report reads like this:


This is one wierd deal, even stumped the GG's.(Grumble Geeks :D )
I haven't seen any of the real GG's here on this thread, they are probably busy cleaning up others machines. Oh, WB and JV are. The only other place you might find help is at www.neatnettricks.com. They were down for awile because the owner moved but it is back and that forum is only about computers. Sorry you are still not able to find the problem.

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I haven't replied yet mainly due to the fact that I'm stumped too. Kathy, it sounds like you're using Compuserve software to browse the internet with. Looking on google, that happens to be branded Netscape software (assuming that you're using the latest version 7.0). The first thing I would do is uninstall then reinstall Compuserve's software, or if you're not up to date download and install 7.0.

If that doesn't fix it, then you have a serious problem I've never heard of before.

Appcompat.txt is an error file generated by the compatibility mode of Windows XP when a program crashes unexpectedly, so that doesn't help.. :confused: Though if you could find that file on your drive and post the contents on here that might (doubtfully) help.

I'm really leaning towards thinking it's a browser problem, probably a script google uses that breaks Compuserve. You should just switch to a different ISP and start using Internet Explorer... :D

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