I just asked and I can't find it.



I just now sent out a post..I think, but I cant find it anywhere???
How in the world am I going to find this post come tomorrow morning??? or for that matter any post???
I am now in Grumble and clicked on " Add a new topic"

typed aaway and will now go to the bottom of this little blue box and click on " add new topic" Where does it go???
Try this ...

Click on "My Profile"

Then click "View my recent posts"

You should see what you are looking for.
The "Add Reply" button will post your response to an existing thread.

"Add New Topic" will start a new thread (and ignore anything you just typed in the message box.)

While we're at it, I notice Grumblers will frequently post to a thread and then, two minutes later, post another message saying something like, "Oops. I meant Nori Paste, not ATG." We seem to forget there is an edit function. I can never remember what the time limit is for editing, but it's more than a couple of minutes.