I hope I haven't over done it.


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Nov 23, 1997
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For all of you who are bored to tears reading my long winded disertations about Insurance Agencies and their endorsements and their trickery,I promise I will stop ( right after this )

I have always wanted to help or teach all of you something that you hadn't learned much better else where. Well I think this just might be my chance.

You see I made a few huge Mistakes and I am trying to tell all who might be as foolish as I not to allow it to happen to you.

First be very sure you know EXACTLY what you are entitled to in ANY coverage before you need it,regaudless of how good it sounds or who sponsors it. Next NEVER assume anyone will look out for your interest as well as you or will sacrifice any of their Business assets to help you in a contractual deal.

Only good hearted friends will do that sort of thing and you aren't buying their friendship. That may well be why someone once suggested to never do business with friends or family.

So in the spririt of returning a lot of favors I have received over the years read what I have said ,understand how I made mistakes ,and also learn that not everyone you do BUSINESS with is looking to help you when you most need it. BUT you can and should.
I now will quit ranting,and hope it was for some good.
Between your experience and Shirley Damon's (Damon Galleries, smoke damage from next-door fire, almost a year before returning to premises) we are better prepared than before. But I suspect that if the Fickle Finger of Fate points at you, you are going to take a Big Hit and there is nothing you or any insurance company can do to make it all better. PS: Thanks, Buddy for sharing your experiences. It takes a real man to admit that he made mistakes.
I know Shirley has written some literature on her fire damage incident that is geared to help others. Perhaps it would be beneficial to our industry to have these two highly respected individuals team up for a PPFA book? Or has Shirley already gone further with her story already?

Buddy, thanks for sharing. I'll be going through my policies a little more thoroughly, and hopefully making some additional preparations.

(We're overdue for a major 'quake here, doncha know. With the rage mother nature has been in, I think it will be coming any minute!)
I don't think any of your posts were ranting. In fact I think they were calm given what you're going through.

Yes, it is a wake up call for people to check what their policy covers and not what they think it covers. As has been said on the busness issues forum, call the policy issuer (not their agent) and ask them about real world situations and what would be covered.

Good luck to you, Buddy.
Try to remember that agents are in sales. They don't get to process claims and they have limited influence over HOW they are processed. They will tell you what they think you want to hear.

Your insurance company should have a customer service department where you can talk to someone like me - someone who's not selling you a policy and who understands what your policy actually covers.

If it doesn't - shop around.
Ron I was told to ask for an "EXAMINER" when ever I wanted to know what was covered or not. The Only problems in this particular situation are that I have also been told that many "ADJUSTERS" are being used as "EXAMINERS" and vice versa. And many non insurance people were pressed into service to handle the rush. So it is entirely possible to get some one who just days before wasn't in the business answering questions as though they were an expert.

(please refer back to my comments about Hartford 's Office manager and staff disagreeing and defering to the opinion of an outside CAT GROUP contractor adjuster to interpet THEIR OWN POLICY LNAGUAGE as it was clearly written in a copy of my POLICY that THEY furnished.)

Suffice it to say even the La. Insurance commissioner's office is horrified and confused by what we are complaining about.

Ron your normal work load is in no way comprable to what is going on down here or why.Did I hear "Thank you Jesus.?"
PS OOOPS I slipped. I promised not to do that.