I have arrived!

Don't feel stupid. I had to get my kids to show me how to use the sight. And then I still got it wrong but the folks here are nice and won't kick you out for screwing up. Thank goodness!

You screwed up and had to get your KIDS to help you???? :eek:

OK, ............. OUTCHA GO!!!!!

(Just kidding, you are a welcome member of our little bedraggled family.)



You're gettin' faster, Ron! I'd count that as an official TIE!! :D

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i have not a clue as to what you folks speak of? Might I be clued in, or is it deathbox lingo? if so i won't get it.

Asrai, yes I was kidding.

Dennis, I'd be a lot more concerned if you said you COULD follow this. Please don't worry about it. ;)
Welcome to the Grumble, Neighbor! We're about 20 minutes south, on route 146.
Welcome to the only Grumbler that has visited my shop! :D

BTW, the NE PPFA Chapter meeting is just down the road from me in Auburn next Monday (1/12). Anyone in the neighborhood is welcome to drop in. I am not technically open on Monday, so let me know, so I can watch for you.

We look forward to meeting you again, Cliff.

I didn't realize Auburn was so close!

Hi Cliff! You guys oughta see his shop - it made me green for at least a week! Thanks for the reminder on the meeting - I would have forgotten. It probably wouldn't hurt to call me on Monday, if you happen to think of it.

Thank you for the Welcome Mike. I've driven past a couple of times and have wanted to stop in and say "hi". I'll look forward to meeting you on the 12th.

To dns y: I was having a little trouble navigating the website. Ron and Framerguy helped me out.