I have a question about LJ signs

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Jul 14, 2004
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I checked Larsons website, they don't have what I am looking for.
I am looking for a sign to hang in my window so people driving by will know I am a Larson Juhl dealer. Something with their Logo kind of thing.

Do you think I could have one made, or would that be a copy right issue.

I think I know the answer, but I really want to know what you guys think and if any of you have anything like that outside of shops.
Call your rep. There must be an official sign otherwise anyone with a printer could do what you are thinking about doing.

My main concern would be that LJ has spent a long time polishing their image. They have a "look" they want to present to the public, to be "branded". I think if you just whipped out a sign that you would not get their "look" right.

So again call your rep. Let him/her know what you want to do, if they don't have a sign to give you for free then let them know you will just "whip one up". If that doesn't scare them into getting you one Make up a sign, with crayon, marker and glitter and show it, proudly, to your rep and see if it "works" for them!
Good idea Bob. I would definitly have a sign company do the work and use their logo.

I was thinking White background with gold lettering, with black shadowing.

But I will check with them first, but I beleive my rep told me they didn't have anything like that yet.
L-J does have signs that sounds like what you’re probably looking for.

My competitor has one. Since I don’t use them exclusively, I chose not to display one, but it is quite attractive and attention grabbing.

I don’t know whether you need to be a partner or not, though.
No, I have no doubt that it came from L-J.

I didn't pay too much attention, but, if I remember correctly, it appeared to be about 3 feet wide, make of plastic, with "Larson-Juhl" embossed on the surface in gold lettering on a brown(ish) background field.
I just had one made up thru Larson Juhl. It is quite large and very nice, printed on both sides. (They do come in various sizes, but I wanted an eye-catcher). Call your rept and get the info - you have to go on their website and go to Partners only, register and there's lots of promotional material - some free and some not.
My rep said I could buy whole groups of signs so my store would look "recognizable" to customers when they walked in.
I explained to my rep that I opened a independent frame shop, and I wanted it to look unique, and not like all the other shops in town.

If I wanted to look like a Larson-Juhl chain store I would have opened a Jo-Anns.

Five years later I have never had anyone come in and ask for a Larson-Juhl frame by name.
Originally posted by SteveT:

Five years later I have never had anyone come in and ask for a Larson-Juhl frame by name.
On another thread I started Customers - Gotta Luv Em! I mentioned a new customer that dropped her framing project off with her credit card # and said call me. She did come in looking specifically for Larson-Juhl and her comments were what great moulding they have. Now I give you that is rare but it is the only name drop one of my customers have ever done. Maybe that is because LJ places ads in consumer magazines.
I've had only one ever ask specifically for LJ. Spent a couple of hours picking out moulding for 5 paintings, only one was LJ. Picked everything up...check bounced! No reflection on LJ. Just a coincidence I thought I'd share.
My LJ rep, who by the way is great, came in right after I put up some Roma signs. He wasn't thrilled, but I said I'd put up LJ signs too if he'd get me some.

Dave Makielski
I have small Roma, Arquati, Larson Juhl and Omega.

I have said it before and I feel I must say it again...

Customers feel more comfortable and special to be buying name brand, even if they are not educated on who is who in the industry.

I also call all the other "generic" or off brand and there are those customers who feel they are getting a great deal.

signage is important step in establishing credibility with our customers!
I totally agree...when I sold art supplies Winsor & Newton, Schminke, Liquitex, Grumbacher etc. gave you much credibility.

Dave Makielski
I know this is not thesame type of sign everyone is speaking about but I remeber that they had signs advertiseing each different line of Moulding they put out. and they came with each set of corner samples you ordered. so maybe they would work at no cost.

However while I think LJ is provideing a good service. the way i hear it they have sent out flyers about this program ( I didn't get any since my shop isn't anymore) but from what i heard it is on a trial basis and only in 3 cities ,also some requirements are neede to be meet like having a dedicated computer for customers to view the art work in your shop.

So while the signage is nice it may not get you any more consideration since you may not be in the right location and you may not have complied with all the requirements as layed otu in the letters of introduction that LJ ( not each rep) sent to all LJ buying shops.

So call the Main office for your signs and ask about who and how each shop qualifies.
What about putting one of their banners in the window?

They are great looking (colorful), show mouldings and have the name on them.

I bought one and was hanging it outside but we had too much wind in the spring. It was getting beaten too death.
I need to put it out again...once the tropical storm blows by us.
For all you who are so anxious go to "the latest LJ endeavour" sect. 3 and read j Paul's reply

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before you hang any signs or make any assumptions .also check to see what THREE CITIES LJ intends to try this in .