I have a problem??

Marion P

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Mar 18, 2004
Maroochydore, Australia
Hi everyone

I've got a problem.. I have a foot operated cassese guillotine and I've had a work out trying to cut 30 out of the 80 frames today.

My problem is that some of the edging is fraying, I've changed the blades and it keeps on doing it, what am I doing wrong??

HELP PLEASE! any suggestions

thanks in advance
Marion OMG I have 50 more to cut tomorrow
Which edge is it? Are the profiles straight timber or are they covered with a compo?
Ok, so the levelers aren't doing their job?
I like making rabbet fillers for testy mouldings, I just have to get lucky enough to have some scrap wood that fits exactly in the rabbet.

its the edge with the rabbit, and its on the edge of the cut
its a straight timber, cut coated with paint and varnish.

do u think its the wood??
A) Take smaller "bites" with the chopper.
Blades last longer. Better cuts.

B) Have the blades been incorrectly sharpend at one time?

C) Perhaps the traveling head is loose in the guide channel.
Lube. Tighten. Adjust.
My guess is that one of the blades is sticking out just a little bit farther (further) than the other. Re-align them so that they are exactly even at the front.
HI Everyone,
Many thanks for all your help.
I was in the middle of dinner and the supplier who I bought the guillotine from, called me, (now thats great customer service) as they read my problem on the grumble and told me it might be what Greg says, the blade might need re-alignment and also to check my underblades. And also they told me exactly what Marc suggested, tighten the guide channel that holds the rebate. So that is what I'll be doing this morning.

So thanks fellow framers for all your help and suggestions, I just might get thru the day with out getting frustrated.

Keep smiling