I got kicked out of my own shop today...


PFG, Picture Framing God
Nov 21, 2005
Carson City, Nevada
...and I'm grateful. I woke up this morning in pain and in a human kinda mood (I couldn't find my SuperValorie cape!). I guess it's finally catching up with me: a ton of work to be done, cleaning up the shop after a leaky pipe, emergency hip replacement surgery just 8 days ago, our washing machine gave it up yesterday after flooding the laundry room, bla-blah. Then this morning a customer called me, at home, to see what he could do to (hurry me up and) to get his stuff finished and I lost it. So, Bob (everyone say HI BOB!), my husband and a former framer/employer-and-very-good-friend (Everyone say HI CHUCK!) got together and made me stay home and they got a lot of work done and are having way too much fun doing it!
I'll be better by tomorrow, heck, I'm better now. They've called a few times ("Val,where's ...?") and I end up laughing, so I still feel like I'm needed.
Getting kicked out of my own shop wasn't so bad after all. I'd've scared the customers away!

So Thanks Bob, Byron and Chuck!!! The 3 Stooges-er-Musketeers saved the day!!
Val - now remember what we all told you - don't try to do too much too soon!!!

Getting kicked out of your own shop - that's a good one! Stay home - relax - HEAL!!!!!
Mar, I don't Sit/Stay well either. Heal-ing is a new one too. But I'm working on it! Thanks!
Val, I totally agree with Framar. You don't want to do too much so soon after surgery as you may do something to yourself to set your recovery back even further. I'm sure it must be hard for you to sit back and take it easy, especially having to deal with your 'flood' not too long ago, but in the long run, it will be well worth it
Val - LISTEN UP!!!


You don't want to fall or hyperextend your new hip. I know people that have done this, and you DON'T want to go through what they have. It ain't pretty.

Taking the advice to slow down is difficult, but right now its necessary. Your body heals faster in the restive state than in the stressed state. I know, I know, its hard to turn it off, but you have to. It may be 3 weeks before you are able to stop fidgeting, but you need to do it.

lecture over, grab a framing book and read it! There's more than one way to keep your finger in the pie. use the down time for planning

It is hard, when orders are stacking up and a couple of people have come in less than happy about the delay. But everyone else have been so understanding, and the folks pitching in to help have been so great. and I know all will be well.

I guess this is a test, and I have to listen, and learn that my health is the most important here, that if I can do that, I will be stronger because of it. I want this business to be successful, but I have to be healthy for that to happen.
I'm facing the second surgery soon, and will be stronger for that one, and the recovery will be even better. When that one is over, I can get on with the business at hand, knowing more about what's important.

What I've learned so far, is how much my friends and family mean to me, how much I am loved and nothing is more important than that. I'm blessed beyond anything I ever believed because of it. And you Grumblers are included in that circle.

I'm also learning that I need to find balance, because being out of balance is what got me into this hip thing to begin with. Being a Workaholic isn't such a good thing, is it? This shop is part of a dream I've had, a second chance at it, but will mean nothing if I'm sick, and can't be a good wife and mother and Grammy first.

So, let it be known here and now....THIS JUST SUCKS! There. I said it and now I feel better.

Sit. Stay. Heal. Then Frame.
Keep reminding me, 'kay? I'm hard-headed. Could you tell?
Sit. Stay. Heal. Then Frame.

Wow I'm going to try that line on my dog...I wonder how he is at holding a point gun.

Val, heed all the above advise!!!!!!
Have you called all the customers and explained the situation? I'm sure there are some that would wait and them that got to have it now. You can do triage for the Muskratears and prioritize the jobs so you have happy customers. This is something you can do reclined.
Because we don't have the POS -yet- we're working on a job inventory list, and beginning to make the calls.Haven't had a "framing emergency" yet, accept one that we already had a specific due date, and it's ready. Triage is in place as we speak. And I can do the bookkeeping, billpaying, and some designing at the counter when necessary, on a stool.

My doctor said I can do whatever I want to, as long as I'm comfortable, including being at the shop. Said it would speed my recovery, but when I begin to get uncomfortable, then quit. My problem is, I've been so used to being really uncomfortable that it's almost normal, so I have to re-define my "uncomfortable" level! Uncomfortable doesn't mean when I'm turning blue, frozen in my tracks and can't utter a word! It means "oh..I feel that a little bit..stop now." Ha!
Small steps, eh?
Thanks everyone...keep reminding me. Don't put away that wet noodle yet!
Speaking of uncomfortable..I wonder how our friend Paul's doing this morning? YOU THERE PAUL??
Val, you don't want to do like my vet did. He had abdominal surgery last fall and despite his wife and his receptionist's best efforts to get him to take it easy he over did it, reinjured himself and wound up back in the hospital with an infection. Remember, taking it easy for a short time now will keep you from having to make a repeat trip to the hospital and prevent a longer down time if you do.
Val, since we are trying to scare you into taking it easy for a few more days with stories of people who DIDN'T listen to their doctors, I'll mention an old friend who had a vasectomy in the morning and then in the afternoon helped another friend MOVE!!!

I shan't go into the gory details but the word "eggplant" comes to mind.....

So, Val - read a book, get hooked on soaps (I'd recommend Days, Passions and General Hospital) or plot world domination!!!

Any customers who are not sympathetic with your healing efforts are not worth keeping.

PS - I took an entire week off after my cataract surgeries!!!
Mar, I won't soon forget that lil' story. Oh, my!

Val, glad you got kicked out. I just keep thinking to myself, hmm, hip replacement, picture framed, hip, frame, health, it can wait.

I sincerely hope most of your customers are more understanding and sweet about the importance of your health!!

Even if they aren't sympathetic, they need to just pretend to be- it's not good manners to add stress to a healing person.
Thankfully, everyone's been great about it, except one and I can't worry about it.
Aw geeze, Mar, eggplants?? Yeah, you scared me allright, thankfully I don't have those to worry about, but...the visual...ick.
I forgot to tell y'all..I asked the Dr. if I could have one of my hip joints back. I thought of Hannah, our resident weird-o (term of endearment, Hannah!), thought maybe I'd turn it into art, like scrimshaw or something. He said no. Something about biohazard laws. Said he would if it weren't a law, would've even let me show it in his office! Laws. Hmmph.