I Dream of Framin


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Oct 18, 2005
Although I've only recently become a member of the grumble family, I've been browsing the post here for over three years. And I tell every gallery owner I know that this is the place to look to for great picture framing advice.

I fell in love with Framin by accident. My affair with Framin caught me by surprise. I never meant to betray my wife, but Framin was too beautiful to resist.

At first, Framin and I were getting along quite well. But alas, like my loves of past, she became more and more demanding. And it started to seem like there was nothing I could do to satisfy her.

I served her fillet mignon. I dressed her in suede, silk, gold and silver and took her to some of the finest galleries in the area. But still she was not satisfied.

My wife was always suspicious. Every evening I would come home late telling her I had been working. But she knew something was amiss. She would say, "if you're working so hard, where is the money?"

It's now been three years since I began my affair with Framin. She's high maintenance and difficult to satisfy. But she's the girl of my dreams. And I don't want to let her go.

Actually, I had something more meaningful I wanted to say in this post. But once I got started, the more whimsical side of me took control.

Anyway, I'd like to introduce myself to all the fine framers, future framers and all others who visit the grumble. My name is Don, and I look forward to participating in the various discussion here.

I hope to introduce my Framin to some of you one day.
Beware of this love affair with Framin, Don - my old boss, Kramer the Framer, was overheard asking his son one day at the shop, "Where's your mother?" Son replied, "Oh, she and Sis moved out a couple of days ago..."

Seems his long hours at the shop had split up their marriage and he hadn't even noticed!

Beware - and Enjoy!!! And Welcome to the Grumble - you don't have to make any excuses for being whimsical around here!
Oh my!!

I sure enjoyed that!! Welcome!!

With that sence of humor your going to fit right in here~!

Come get warped with us....Elsa