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I am looking to sell Terry Redlin Prints

Direct Contact Overlays DCO Book by James Miller


Grumbler in Training
Feb 1, 2020
Good Afternoon Everyone. I am selling the Following Terry Redlin Prints and all are in Frames. Night on the Town, Heading Home, Sunday Morning, Best Friends and Evening with Friends. If there are Art Dealers or interested Parties please let me know. Thank You in Advance Denise


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Feb 16, 2007
Perth Western Australia
This is probably not the best place to try and sell art prints.

Here in Australia I used to sell open edition prints and some limited editions quite regularly until around the early nineties when people just stopped buying them. I think it was partly the proliferation of cheap canvases and ready made junk at places like Ikea but, whatever the reason, my print inventory and catalogues became dead stock and I stopped even bothering to update the catalogues.

Open edition prints and "Limited" editions numbering in the hundreds would be pretty well worthless in Australia.
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