I am Jones'n for a ZUND


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Dec 31, 2001
New York's Hudson River Valley
Newburgh Mercantile
I haven't even had my Jr. rental 8000 for 6 months yet . . . . and then they come out with a 'Testarossa' level machine!

Wow! This thing is awsome. And for $64,950.00 I hope it is as thrilling as a Ferrari.

Will there be one on display in NY DECOR?

Can I upgrade? LOL
65k? Wow.

Does it make the coffee too?

The first CMC I ever saw was in that price range and it was about the size of my second shop.

It was pretty much a novelty item at one of the old ABC shows in Chicago - maybe about 1979.
Well guys...I can't tell :confused: if you're makin' fun or just havin' fun.. But, here's a bit of background on the Zund. First, obviously this may not be the first choice for a small shop, custom framer. ;) But over the years, we've always admired the capabilities of this machine and thought, "I wonder if we could turn that into a high volume custom design CMC?". So, Zund America looked at our design software and agreed it was a good match for their hardware. They, and their customers, were very supportive.

We looked at what features we would get and the list was impressive. At 40 inches per second, its almost 3 times faster than our new 8500 CMC. It flies!!!
When we cut multiple designs (yes, nesting, cool tiling) the software optimizes the cut sequence so it looks like the CMC is wandering about, but, what its doing is finding the fastest path through dozens of paths. Dave, our math guy, spent weeks studying ways to calculate the fastest cutting path without spending weeks of CPU time.

It has two other cool features. 90 degree cuts (no bevel) and dual zone cutting. It has two heads online at once so you don't have to change anything to get a 90 deg cut.

When you tile a bunch of designs tiled with the outsides lined up, the 90 deg blade allows you to cut all the outsides together. The software sees the adjacent outsides as one long cut and blazes through all the outsides as one large cross hatch. It saves dozens of plunges and time.

Dual zone cutting allows the user to be cutting a 32x40 on side of the M1600 while setting up the other side with another 32x40. If you have a two layer design, the software allows you to place both mats on the able at the same time. First it cuts one layer and then automatically cuts the other layer. Both layers can be custom designs. They are not limited to rectangles.

Blades for the Zund are special design. They are truly amazing. They last many, many times longer than any other CMC blade out there.

Oh, and it has zero waste. We cut to the edges.

Finally, if nothing else, its really cool to watch it cut.

JIm Brown
Manager Software
Wizard International
I think there's light at the end of the tunnel!! Somewhere, out there, a very smart man MUST be able then, to incorporate "ZZW" (Zund Zero Waste) to the Wizard 8000. Let's see, would that be Revision #5.4????

That would be MY dream come true!!! Waste is a BAD thing.
Hey Baer, Wendy from Wizard posted this on the Eclipse website:

In the interim, we are developing an edition of Wizard’s MatDesigner software to be used with Eclipse CMC’s. At this time, the development of MatDesigner for Eclipse is optional and will not be a replacement of the Eclipse software. You will have the option to choose which software program you prefer to use. At this time a release date is not yet scheduled. I will keep you up-to-date as our development team works to complete this product as soon as possible.
So yeah, we're working on it..
I can't tell if you're makin' fun or just havin' fun..
You need to spend more time here to figure out that there is a fine line between the two. ;) But always done with the highest of regard, especially for Wizard.

This machine seems truely to be state-of-the-art!

Are you guys gonna drag one of these to NY? I here that there may be plenty of floor space available.
Sorry. We're not bringing a Zund to NY and I am unaware of anyone else having a Zund there. I have our Zund tied up in testing right now and the earliest its slated to leave is not until Decor in Sept. But, you're always welcome to visit here and try it! We'd love to meet some Grumble folks. Its kinda cool right now. We have Wizard 5000, 8000, 8500, Zund and Eclipse set up side by side. A very wide and deep product line.

I believe, eventually, all our software, where reasonable, will run all systems. We're tightly integrating the MatDesigner, Visualization, Web design/sales, tiling, nesting, queueing, marketing, consumer, workflow, Art Information, and daVinci mat printing.
Hi folks
You have a chance to have a look at a 40inch CMC in New York: a CMC, which gives you double head (45 and 90°), dual zone cutting (2 full 32x40 sheets), automatic blade depth adjustment for V-Grooves, software utilities to enable nested mats (a small mat within a bigger one within a bigger one, ....), cut to the edge of the mat (no waste!!!), vacuum bed, etc. Go to the GUNNAR Stand and have a look at the GUNNAR 3001 type. Together with the possibilities of the new toolhead enabling you to score (to do boxes, corner protections, etc.) and to emboss (endless design possibilities for your mats) this is an absolutely fantastic machine.
And - besides this - you can get a double head CMC with dual zone and cut to the edge (and much more possibilities - I'm speaking about the GUNNAR 601) for less than $30k!
Have a look and be fascinated to see these top of the range machines in New York - besides the entry level F1 for individual frame shops.
I hope you guys understand my "non-perfect German inspired" English.
Well, there's a gentleman who knows an opportunity when he sees one!
Welcome to the Grumble, Roland!
Hi Jim
Thanks for your flowers and the warm welcome. I try to find or give an answer to every question.
And of course, Zund have great machines too, that's right. By the way: their head office is only about three miles away from ours.