I am going on record..I disagree with Bob Carter


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Feb 19, 2002
Just got back from a 1 1/2 week vacation in Florida and started to get caught up with my mail. I decided that I would read my PPFA newsletter first (work on bills tomorrow).

Sushi is raw fish that should be used as bait???
I just had some Octopus, Squid, Snapper, ect in a place in FL last week and it was good. I bet if Ruth's Chris had sushi you would try it.

But anyway, as always Bob has good advice, now if we could get him to eat sushi.

Bob...I haven't talked to Sue yet, everything go OK? Thanks again for your help
Sushi can have just veggies or cooked meat as well... YUM!

Nope, not for me either, raw fish, ugh!

It gets worse Tim; Bob parts his hair in the middle also... He says it lets all that knowledge he has show through. :D

And just for the record [IMHO] half the sushi consumed in the US would have made better bait.

Good sushi is worth raving about, . . . never mind, I have to reajust my opinion...80% would should have been bait.

I haven't had great sushi in almost a year. My favorite place closed. Owners moved back to Japan to be with his ailling mother.
Hey, Tim-How many people have any idea what you are referring to?

I wrote a story for the For Members Only newsletter for PPFA members in which I paralleled Business decisions based purely on personal preferences.

Yeah, I don't much like Sushi, but if I was in the Japanese restaurant biz and my customers kept asking (expected) that I offer Sushi, it might make sense for me to offer Sushi regardless of my preference.

And, if I did offer it, I better make the best dad-gummed Sushi I can and offer it proudly and profitably

BTW, she picked her piece up yesterday and loved it. I charged her exactly what I'm sure you would have charged one of my employees in the same predictament

What part of Fla? I have plenty of family (St Augustine, Daytona Beach area). I could have hooked you up with the best shrimp known to man. Wally can back me up on that
I'm wondering how Bob parts his hair in the middle.

I worked briefly for someone a while back (I am officially retired now). I asked her if she offered French mats, and if not, if she'd like me to show her how to do them. She didn't want to offer them because she didn't like them. She didn't want to learn how to do fabric mats either. I sold quite a bit of both. Not offering something because you don't like it is dumb. I didn't like metal frames, but I didn't hide them in the backroom, or under the counter. Some people really like metal frames, so they were out where they could be seen.

I love the way sushi is presented. Very pretty. But not pretty enough for me to want to actually eat it.
You can tell that sushi is bad if it smells like fish. Go figure.

Carry on.
The fish used in Sushi is fresher than any fish you could buy anywhere, short of fish which was caught 90 seconds ago.

The "Sushi Grade Fish" standard says it all.

Those who don't like Sushi have no idea what they're missing. And those who do eat Sushi, ask for White Tuna next time, and no need thank me afterwards!!

Pass the Sake and the Wasabe, please!
People who like sushi must have warped tastebuds. If people were meant to eat fish raw, it would have been born that way!!!....it's not is it???
Bob, I am guessing not too many but you would know better than me since you are on the board.

To give a very basic one sentence summary, To be a successful retailer you should offer what the consumer wants, not what you think the consumer wants or you want.

I was in Nokomis FL, on the Gulf side, around 15 minutes south of Sarasota, in-laws live there.

Thanks again for your help.
I always find it interesting that those of us who like something, can't believe that if those who DON'T like it would only try the good stuff. I only get irritated with those who 'dont like it' when they have never tried it.
I don't like curry. I have tried it several different ways. My sister likes it. My father likes it. I don't. And I don't care HOW good it is to them. I don't like it. (Pity I don't feel that way about more categories of food....)
My family was eating black walnut ice cream recently. Gag! To me it tasted like a cross between silage and tin. Couldn't get it out of my mouth fast enough. It was so awful! I get the same repulsive feeling about coffee or anything with coffee in it. Love the smell though! Go figure. People simply have different taste buds.
From American Heritage Dictionary:
Cold cooked rice dressed with vinegar that is shaped into bite-sized pieces and topped with raw or cooked fish, or formed into a roll with fish, egg, or vegetables and wrapped in seaweed.

A Japanese dish consisting of very thin bite-size slices of fresh raw fish, traditionally served with soy sauce and wasabi.
I am enjoying the analogy and the comments about Sushi and Sashimi and what should be sold in a RETAIL outlet. I like all of them.

But I have heard this a long time ago when attending some needlework marketing classes ,it just was said slightly different. I guess this is just commmon sense. The tact taken by that instructor was "Don't fall in love with your inventory". By that she meant don't just stock the stuff you just have to have. Someone else may not like it at all. So to it makes common sense you aren't shopping for yourself but for others.

It is more like you are a buying agent sent out to find a perfect gift for a special group of friends who will reimburse you by how well you choose what THEY like.

Maybe this lady ( way back 18 years ago) had heard Bob speak some where else.LOL
I have had food poisening once...and I think eating raw fish is pretty freaky. I think the whole idea would make me sick, before I got it into my mouth. I don't like raw eggs, same deal. There are some things we go for and others not. Curry is great, love Indian and love Thai. Had a friend over the weekend that thought I was insane for eating either???

I was big into cooking at one time. It was a good time in my life. I was open to trying many new things, I would grab a menu and say never had that, what the heck. Then I could go back and mimic the recipe or create something new from the idea. It was fun.

The last time I did a show in NY I found a Jewish Sushi take-out restaurant - no really - called "Sosueme Already".

Sorry folks, I couldn't let it pass.

PS: Their famous sauce was called "Soy Vey"
The US is rife with incidence of poorly prepared food, why should sushi be any different? The local Winn-Dixie had a sushi section in the meat department until recently. We once had a place nearby that was called "Discount Sushi"...not very appealing, eh? The decided polarity on the subject of sushi and sashimi makes it a perfect subject for this analogy (How do you like your steak, Bob?...don't worry, it's rhetorical).

What seems odd is that folks will be climbing over each other to eat raw oysters or clams (both filtration organisms) and balk at eating raw fish.

Oh well, more for me.
I like sashimi. And, after 30 years I got my wife to try it and now she orders it.

I had a local retailer tell me, "If you don't know what your customers want, make sure you HATE half your inventory. That's what will sell first."

The basic idea is, your tastes are NOT going to be consistent with all your customers.

Pam, you can show me how to do french lines and washes anytime!
Baer obviously you didn't use your web browser. The correct spelling is N U T R I A. For those who aren't familiar it is a large aquatic rodent similar to Muskrats only larger and originally from south America ( but not as big as a Capbebarara[Sp.? ] about 200 lbs if memory serves me) but now very prevalent in Louisiana since ( as legend would have it) the Mcilhennys imported a couple of pairs to their Avery island sanctuary and they escaped during a hurricane long ago.

Their Hyde is prized by European Furriers . And recently Paul Prudhomme ( among other well known Cajuns)has created recipes to utilize the meat which until now was used for things like crab bait and dog food and gator farm Food( which is another unusual delicacy. LOL)

But it is not much different than a lot of other herbivorous rodents that find their way on to our tables like Rabbits and Squirrels.

I personally have never( Knowingly ,since it can easily be substituted for ground meat in meat ball Dinners. LOL)But I once smelled a delicious smelling barbecue a guy was eating and asked what it was ( it looked like rabbit legs) .I was shocked when he answered "Rat Legs". I said "really what is it?" He explained it was the hind legs of Muskrats that were barbecued. and they called it what it was "RAT LEGS"

As with a lot of things it is all in how it is prepared that makes the difference. Some things that are prepared by the unknowing are palatable at all while fixed by some one who knows what they are doing can make all the difference in the world ,as long as you keep an Open Mind.
Bob, certainly you aren't suggesting that I would feed Sushi to Frag, Sammy, Jakie, and Xena. They are family members afterall. Meow

My snail mail must be a little slow, I just got my issue this morning. But when I first opened my store I did make the mistake of displaying artwork in the gallery area that suited my taste. It didn't take me long to realize I needed to diversify my displays if I wanted to be successful.

Good article, Thank you,

Originally posted by Greg Fremstad:
The last time I did a show in NY I found a Jewish Sushi take-out restaurant - no really - called "Sosueme Already".

Sorry folks, I couldn't let it pass.

PS: Their famous sauce was called "Soy Vey"
Haveyou seen th Soy Vey sauces in the grocer? They have a Veri Veri Teriyaki. Yum!

And on the subject of sushi I am regrettably unable to consume any of this delectable treat as advised by my doctor until the duration of my current pregnancy is complete. WAAAAAAHHHH!!!!

I just want some raw scallops, dangit!!!!

If I was rich I would eat a big plate of raw fish everyday along with a huge pile of seaweed salad. I would live forever!!!!!
Imaluma, congratulations on your pregnancy!
I watched one of the GoodMorningAmerica-type shows this morning and they had a segment about warning pregnant women against eating tuna, especially canned, because of the mercury. Not even albacore tuna is advised.

Apparently the "safe" mercury limits for non-pregnant women are not safe for your unborn, something about the nervous system development.

Just thought I'd pass it along.