Hurricane Preparations

Magnolia Framing

True Grumbler
Mar 22, 2003
Gautier, MS
Fortuneately, South Mississippi escaped the ravages of Hurricane Dennis. Unfortuneately, our neighbors in Florida were hit - in some areas pretty bad.

Even when we escape these storms, we experience lots of lost productivity. There is the boarding up of windows, bagging of loose/framed artwork. Bagging of computers and printers. It seems like even though it only takes one day to bag everything up, we spend at least a week getting everything back to normal.

Other framers in the 'Hurricane Belt' - what do you do when it appears that a hurricane strike is imminent? What kind of preparations do you take? And, how much lost time do you think you experience?
I haven't been around much the last little while, but when mentioning the Florida panhandle and the hurricane .... has anyone heard from Tom?
I just had to see what someone in Ontario had to say about hurricane preparation.

I think Tom was a good, safe distance from the hurricane (though maybe not as safe as you were.)
Hey, it was a bit overcast here the other day, compliments of Dennis, I'm sure.

Preparing for the worst, I bought a bag of pretzels.

Sorry, Magnolia. I know this is deadly serious for anyone south of Chicago.
We do pretty much the same as you Magnolia. We are in an extremely old building which already leaks. To prepare for the effects of the last two hurricanes, I not only bagged everything, but I loaded everything in my van and brought it home with me. We also have a safe to protect smaller items.
I have boarded up windows and removed everything from the window areas.
I also get everything off the floor.

We are fortunate to live in an area that rarely sustains a direct hit.
That doesn't mean it can't happen.
Board the windows and doors, bag artwork and put in on shelves and tables, put computers up on the highiest shelves, and pray that the water doesn't get high enough to reach them. I'd say we lost about a week's worth of business for Dennis. Last year for Ivan, we lost about 2 months of business because of the evacuation.
what Lauren said!!!!! Plus hope the doors remain shut, the roof says on(franks hangup was closed @ 2 mos last year--the roof was lifted & set back down only a couple of inches off!!!), put tiedown tarps over ALL the art, work tables & counters, call the owners up & plead with them to calim/retrieve art BEFORE the blow(I didnt get 1 customer to do this last year--rather MY insurance than theirs???), dont forget to trip the electricity off at the MAIN breaker(alarm systems will just have to remain off). THEN, you get to go home and do all those things for all your own stuff!!!! It's just such a fun thing..........