HUGE order


True Grumbler
May 28, 2005
Woodstock, Georgia
I just took about a $7000.00 order for 18 pictures. This will be fun because they all have two mats with a fillet in the center and museum glass.

What large orders have been taken by the Grumblers?
Good for you jini...Large Order = Large$$$$!!!

I have framed about 20 paintngs each year for the last 3 years for an artist who has a show in Philadelphia just after Thanksgiving. Biggest framing order every year. Maple splined float frames lacquered white. I bend over backwards to accomodate this customer as he is repeat bu$ine$$. I let him store the paintings in my shop as he finishes them, and also pack them for shipping sometimes...
About twenty five years ago, I got an order from the Hotel Del Coronado, three pictures for every room. $50,000.00. We got it out on time and I had the down payment for my house.

I think that kind of thing only happens about once in the average picture framers career.

Last month I did 5 LJ Concerto's for $8,000. The $380 rebate for the samples was nice, too. The same customer did $20,000 last summer, mostly Regence and Munn frames. I love to see him come in the door. ("I want that 22K gold stuff on these.")

Pat :D

PS - If I hadn't invested in closed corner samples, I would never get these sales.
Tomorrow I will deliver 120 closed corner frames.
[China type AKA "Ready mades"].
double mat, with little plaque on mat and easel back. About 36 man hours total.
$5,600. Helps make the rent during the summer.
We had a 17 piece one this week for $3700, prepaid in full. Gotta love that. The last couple weeks have been busy. (Better than June and July)

Let's hope the trend continues...


Last summer I did 70 slightly oversize pieces for $20,000 for one customer. They bring me truck pictures to do on a fairly regular basis.
Back in the early 90's I did 350 pieces for a sports bar that was opening in a hotel in Dubai UAE. They arranged for a firm here to crate and ship the order. They asked if I would supervise the installation in Dubai. They flew me 1st Class on British Airways. I stopped in London for 4 days on the way there and on the way back - stayed with an old college buddy in London. I hooked up with friends in Dubai through a friend here at home. I was in a suite in the hotel in Dubai for two weeks as constuction delays held up the installation for a bit. Temps running about 110 degrees outside. They paid for the framing, transportation, hotel, meals, all expenses and paid me a consulting fee. Gotta love those petro dollars.
No huge orders for me, but congrats on your order, Jini
Good on ya Jini.

Tim, now THAT's gota be a once in a lifetime job for sure ! :cool:

I might just start quoting some of these big jobs the Arabs keep e-mailing me . . . but I always get this nagging feeling they're just like the Nigerian purchase scams
Last year...200+/- pcs. 6 figures. Actually, I'm just now doing the last pieces associated with this job, most were completed in '05.
Reframing of entire corporate collection...

In the words of SNL sports commentator Chico Esquaela (Garrett Morris)... '05 be bery, bery good to me.

Sure, some of the orders are one time windfalls, but some of them are happening on a regular basis. You just have to find them.
I also had others. They were all through networking here in the states. Developed relationships, none were totally unknown or unresearched customers.