Thinking about terrorizing another forum Less?
No, I was researching for ways to mount 40 x 60 color photos to Sintra or some other substrate without glass as per request by a client (photographer).

I'm trying to figure out whether I can do it, or is it better to sub it out.

The photo will be mounted and laminated.

Thought you may like to see what photographers were up to.

Terrorist, haruph! I'm almost insulted

oh, screw flood protection
Not exactly the grumble, is it? Or maybe photographers either know everything about framing or don't care. The last thread was almost 5 months ago and in all of 2003 there were a total of three threads.
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Ok who blew them up???
Less, check local photo labs. There are several in my area that do cold mounting to Gatorfoam and laminate with a cold roller press all in one pass. The results are flawLess.
Thanks Wally, got that option covered