HTML or UBB codes question

Most moving things are animated gif files. As far as the user is concerned it's just a graphic. If you want to make one, you can use a program like Jasc's Animation Studio. It simply takes two or more existing gif files and puts them together with specifications for how much time to wait between scenes.

For instance, your avatar is an animated gif.

Is that what you're doing right now? ;)
Just had to try...........yup, just paste it in.

Okay, that was easy, now why the heck can I not still post a photo from the blasted MSN site.

I just stole my moving pooch from an Avatar Index on another Bulletin Board. I only used paste thing here[\img]

HEY! How come I am a Grumbler in training with only 2 posts. Where are my thousands of other posts and why did my pooch go away. (I can get her back)?
You are registered twice.

Once with "Purple Person" (note the space between the words, that's important).Member # 1436, registered on 08-22-2001, with Email Address:

The other is "PuplePerson" (no space).
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A very crafty alernate identity, obvioulsy created so you can post under a different name so we wouldn't know it was you.

I did notice the completely different persona you have under this identity.

Just Log off and re-login with PurplePerson and not Purple Person.
Good Heaven's! That is a stupid error. I am PurplePerson, Get rid of that other person.

I would choose a much better substitute name if I wanted to be 2 people.

Hmmmmm. What could I do as 2 people? Could I have 2 personalities?

Nahhhh. It would not work for me.
Purp, There is nothing wrong with more than one personality or as I like to call it "being multi dimensional". It keeps people on their toes. Or as in my case when you work alone you are never "alone" if you get my drift.

Marc, Since I copied and pasted your little image I'd like to wear it a while if you don't mind. It doesn't capture the "essence" of me, but I went to some trouble to get it so I'd like to use it. Of course now, you realize everybody is going to want an animated signature. You started it.
What the **** am I doing wrong? Where's my Unseal?
Unseal Ahhhhhh :D
Nevermind Marc, I found one that "captures my essence". Just remember, you started it!
For anyone who's interested in using animated GIFs in their signatures - and who am I to complain? - I'd ask only that you right-click on the image and on the menu that pops-up, click on properties. Check the file size. If it's more than about 10,000 or 15,000 bytes, it's going to slow down the page load - especially if it appears 10 or 12 times on the page.
I got rid of my animations some time ago because someone complained about possible speed issues(someone who uses a dialup modem). I can respect their problem with that, especially for LARGE pictures.

As a side note: If the same graphic appears even 100 times on the same page, it'll still only load it once. (at least thats how most web browsers work, Im not sure about the MAC though)

The images themselves are stored on remote servers, so they don't add to the bandwidth demand on the grumble's server. (except to host the text link that points to the picture.

The tiger and dancing baby are great!

No offense, Mike, but sometimes people who use broadband access talk about dial-up like it's the exception. I think the vast majority of Grumblers - and internet users in general - still use dial-up. They may have high-speed access at home, but not at work; or vice-versa.

When I first loaded this page this morning, the images loaded one-at-a-time and it took forever. When I loaded it the second time, and the images were already cached, it loaded very quickly.

I'm not looking for a job as the image-Nazi. Have fun and run with it. Those images ARE cool. Just be considerate.
I certainly didn't mean to offend either. I don't recall who complained, but several folks (including yours truly) gladly complied out of consideration.

Dialup access will always exist, and it's really NOT a bad thing/not too slow for stuff like this. I use it from the laptop sometimes, while at a client site. We went with broadband at the shop because the dialup "message units" would probably exceed the 49.99/month fee for the DSL line. (phone companies in this part of USA charge a "per minute" fee for business calls, while some in the south charge a flat fee for unlimited usage - as they do here for residential lines) Is it necessary? Probably not! We use it for Lifesaver beta updates, database changes, instant messages between sites, customer email inquiries, supply & print ordering, pcanywhere access to the financials from home, and as a way to back up the POS every weekend to an outside location.(home)

I remember getting my first 150 baud modem from the early 80's. It seemed like the best thing at the time, but looking back.... Talk about slow! Typing on a typewriter was actually faster than the characters would come across the screen
When Dennis Hayes (a friend whos company is now out of business) came out with his 300 smartmodem, it wasn't much faster.

Each unique image has to load once before it is cached in the browser. If the same image is on a page 100 times, it'll 'draw' them at the same time - while it downloads the pic once in the background. If you visit again in the near future, the single image will pop up immediately because it's stored on your HD. (if it downloaded more than once with the same filename to store in the cache dir, there would be a duplicate/name conflict) This is my understanding anyways...

Dialup isn't dead, but for now it has pretty much reached it's maximum speed/ability. They've pushed the envelope so many times over the years by means of compression, etc. Dialup is absolutely fine for 95% of us. A new faster broadband is on the horizon also, but not for a couple years.

As long as we can get to the Grumble, it's all good
Hey guys I'm just having some fun here, I'll get bored with it and cast it aside soon enough.