HP 8250 photo printer..any comments?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Apr 8, 2004
Hi all,

I am looking for a good quality photo printer for pics larger than 4x6 on a budget.

Does anyone use this one or do you have any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
It depends what you want from a printer. Do you care about the archivability of the prints? What's your color management workflow going to be like? Is there a particular range of media that you want to use, or are you pretty vanilla in your selections? What's your budget?

I like Epson, for a number of reasons. My printer uses pigmented inks, can print up to 13" wide, the profiles for various papers are readily available, the inks are replaceable individually, etc. It's about $500, though. But there are older models with similar features for less. And if you want a smaller carriage width, that's less expensive (and a smaller footprint on your desk.)

If you give me more information, I'd be happy to share any insight I might have.
Hi Doc,

I was in the realm of $200-$300.

The HP uses Vivera inks, 6 seperate cartridges and is supposed to be a stable long term and waterproof image on their paper.

The use would be primarily for printing my wifes prints for the store and occasionally re-touch or enlarge a customers images when they request it.

Nothing too heavy duty but would like a crisp print job that won't look like I printed it instead of Kodak.

Vanilla is a good sumation. Always goes good with rootbear!
I think you've probably found a decent printer with the 8250. One of the complaints about HP is usually the inks, because they frequently package them together, but since it has separate inks that solves the problem. HP usually does a pretty decent job of color rendering out of the box, so if you don't already have a sophisticated approach to color management, they pretty much do a good job of taking care of it for you.
I just got a new Epson Photo R200 - it has six ink cartridges and I am absolutely amazed at the quality of the printing so far. And I was able to get some pretty nice stuff outa my old Epson Stylus777 - especially printing black and white onto the (sadly) discontinued Crescent specialty art papers.

Haven't had the time to print on this paper yet with the new Epson - but I am sure I am gonna be blown away - even printing little thumbnails so far has been supurb!
I have an Epson R210, which in Australia is possibly the same as your R200. I find the photos that I print are outstanding and I cannot see any difference between those and photograpic prints, even with my 2.5 x closeup glasses. I have printed panoramas on 2 foot paper cut from an Epson Glossy paper roll and am told that I can go up to 1 metre long. Will try that soon!