How to spot a Grumbler

Most trade shows offer GRUMBLER RIBBONS at the registration desk, which attach to your nametag.

Does WCAF?
Look for those with a pathetic, glazed look who are drooling uncontrollably.
I have mine from my last show. Plus two others. I'll bring them just in case, but if NY had PPFA stickers, Hitchhiker stickers, and Grumbler stickers, I have to believe we'll see them at WCAF.

Make sure you ask though and then say "Are you sure?" when they say no. Half the badge people didn't know about them in NY. (shhh, it's a secret)
Hats + me = yikes!

I look like Wayne from Wayne's World. And I'm a woman.
brian..k, Just callin' it like it is! Baseball cap: not good. Bowler, fedora... even a fez would be much better! Do you think Hannah does a fez style Grumbler hat?
And I'm practicing my silly walk riiiiight... NOW!
I'm told that WCAF handles it differently than Decor. We're assigned special hats instead of ribbons.


PS: Just kidding. See you all in Vegas!