How to ship a picture


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Feb 14, 2004
Nicholasville, KY
Not 100% framing related...but hope someone had an idea.

My brother sold an original animation cell - not a mass produced one - a REAL one used in production on ebay. I had framed it a few years ago. About 16 x 20in.

From KY to CA.

Any suggestions on how to ship it?
Metal frame with double mat, conservation clear

I am concerned about heat and the glass breakage.

I'd remove the glass and ship in separate compartment of the package. The glass is replaceable but not the cell if the glass breaks and damages it. Most shippers will not stand behind damage from glass breakage. Ship on a Monday.
I ship glass all the time. Use glass skin and the glass will stay in one piece if it breaks. I Use a protective cover of corrugated, then make sure you have 2" of separation between the image and the outside carton. We use foam to maintain the air gap. Bubble wrap can press against the glass and actually cause breakage.

Our crates have wood sides and double corrugated on the face/back. We ship UPS and Fed-EX ground regularly and have had no problems.

If you are really concerned, do remove the glass and use a sheet of coroplast wrapped with glassine to protect the art/mats during shipping. You can ship the glass in the same package, just put it behind the frame (not in front) and protect it well. We sandwich glass between 1/8" pieces of wood, or double walled corrugated. Since it is CC, you will need to protect the protective coating as well. If it were mine to ship, I would leave the glass on and use glass skin.
I always double box and have never had any break. But certainly, if this is irreplaceable, you'll never be sorry you took extra precautions.

My package:
1) Around the art: 3/16 inch bubble wrap
2) Put in snug box or sandwich with two layers of cardboard
3) Wrap with 1/2 inch bubble wrap
4) Pack in art box with necessary fill so that contents are stable

My biggest concern was with the cell getting hot.
it is a cheap quality but expensive batman cell and I am worried about it "melting"/
Some good advice above Steven . . .

With the heat factor, copious amounts of bubble wrap will insulate quite well.

We ship glass worldwide, and use many methods as above.
Every packing job should be looked at as unique, and whatever method that's best utilised.

One product I love is 'foam in bag' from Sealed Air Corporation.

If you ship every now and then, this quick system is relatively inexpensive, and enables easy isolation inside a carton (or indeed double carton).
why ship??? put it in the car, take a vacation to CA(its the slow time of the year, yes?), carge em for the experience!
Disney ships their framed cel art in a cardboard shipping container lined with a foam “egg carton”. It seems to be a very secure way of transporting/shipping art.

My local “Mailbox ETC.” store has a similar product which I’ve used on several occasions. You might give them a whirl since they (supposedly) experts in packing as well as being a UPS shipping point.
We will never ship by UPS again. Double wrapped in bubble wrap, reinforced cardboard (double edged), corner protected, you could have run over it with a truck and not damaged it. Glass completely pulverized and print damaged from glass shards. Lost for 60 days and when found it was still at the shipping location and not a word to us that it was found. Never, never, never, never again. Denied an responsibility for damage.

Had good luck with Fed Ex and still use them.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER Use UPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack Cee
When in doubt we always use a shipping service ie. the mail room, insure it , then it is in their hands. Get a receipt and bill the customer + $10 or $15 for our time. Have not yet had a problem.
The guy who bought it did not want to pay for more expensive shipping and we had an email statement - he just said to bubble wrap it and ship it to him.
Oh well ;) - I put it in a cardboard "envelope", wrapped that in bubble wrap, put it in a box and my brother paid $15 for USPS to overnight it to California.
It got there safe.

You know something - the more I hang around ebay, people, framing, etc....some people have so much money they do not care what happens to anything they buy, yet they are too cheap to do things properly....

Like this - he really did not care to take the proper precaution and ship it correctly He just wanted it quickly.