How to put backs on frames...


Grumbler in Training
Apr 29, 2005
Newbie back again. I was wondering if I could get some advice on how to put backs on frames that people want to change the pictures in once in awhile, kinda like the ones you buy at the local craft store and such. I have some friends that would like me to make them a couple of frames, but the pictures would be changed periodically when their children grow.

Any suggestions? I'd appreciate it.

Hi Connie,
As luck would have it I just finished a couple of those. We like to save of our suede scraps for this purpose and we also make most of our redi-made frames this way as well. Cut your mat about an 1/8 of an inch shy of the dimension of the back of the frame. Measure how wide the moulding is and cut a fall out just like you normally would, bevel and all. We use a thin layer of glue to hold the backing onto the back of the frame, but we also use those tiny little nails too.

Turn buttons are available for this purpose from United Manufacturing. Two on each side is usually sufficient. If you wish to build your own easel backs United has the hardware for that as well. We have an array of sizes of easel back templates for different sizes and frame shapes.

If you choose to build your own easel backs, double up the mat board for stregnth on the easel arm.

Fill yor excess area with scrap foam center board. That way your back will have support and will not just be supported by that small bevel on the mat cut.

Good Luck,
Or you could just use the Fletcher Flexi-points. They can be bent up and down numerous times.
Flexi points.

You can also use your scrap moulding to make ready mades and then shoot the package together with fglexi points, along with a saw tooth and make a little extra cash.
Three votes for Flexi points... all of our stock frames are shot with them.

And we carry Easel backs in stock sizes as well as EZ easels.