How to preserve valuable stamps before framing


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Jun 14, 1999
Brooklyn, NY
A customer brought in three valuable stamps for framing. We will be floating them together on one mat with a second mat around the first. Originally we were sure we could purchase mylar folders that would fit around each stamp separately thereby not having to put any type of adhesive directly on the stamps. This would also give it a nice clean look. The problem is that we are having trouble finding these little pockets we dreamed up. Does anyone know if we could get them or where? Or do you have any other ideas? We ruled out corners because they would cover too much of the stamps. Thanks.
Try a <strike>philatilist falatist</strike> store that trades coins and stamps. They will have a variety of sizes of mylar stamp sleeves called ShowGard®.

We use them frequently for federal and state duck stamps.
You might consider setting the stamps in shallow
sinks. These could be made by cutting out the
top ply of a piece of mat board so that the opening is slightly larger than the stamp, or
cutting good quality paper so that you have a
hole of that size. The stamps can be set into those sinks and covered with pieces of Mylar, to
hold them in place. The perforations on the margins of the stamps should make them less likely
to warp if the sink is slightly too tight.

Cut a piece of rag board the size of the stamp. (I bevel cut it so the bevel slants in from the stamp.)

Take a piece of "mylar" large enough to cover the stamp and wrap the four sides to the back of the rag. (the stamp sits "non-adhered" in front of the rag under the mylar.) Adhere the mylar to the back of the rag. Adhere the back of the rag to the mat you are mounting to.

done and clean.
Oh yeah, you can use black rag to make it less visible.

And use the tape Jim Millar always suggests. (I think it's 3M #889)
How about cutting a piece of release paper to put behind the stamps so that high humidity doesn't adhere them to the mat board?

Any thoughts?

A small piece of polyethylene film could also keep the stamp from sticking to the mat and it
is available in "archival" grade, meaning that
it has no harmful additives.

From the stand point of a stamp collector the showgards are the only acceptable mount you can find them here showgaurds i have a avid duck stamp collector as a client and he will automatically replace any stamp that has been framed without this product. one the stamp is in the showgard treat it as a piece of art and mount accordingly sink mats are beautiful around stamps they add a lot of prestige.

Hope this helps
Jill Hennes CPF
Okay the power of the Wizard!!!!
We use template 207, 401, or 614. Bring the corners in just enough to hold down the corners of the stamp with out covering any of the design. No adhesives no mylar looks very clean. I have had three samples in the store for over 8 years and they are still okay and have not fallen out yet and they are handled.
You can still use the mylar if you want but the pressure from the mat is enough to hold in place.
Just another way maybe not the way you might want but it works well for us and keeps the stamps unaltered.