How to Post Pictures -Appendix A



Lance mentioned that, while saving pictures files at 72 dpi should work for web-posting, it's also important to watch the image size, which can be most accurately set in pixels rather than inches or centimeters. Adobe PhotoDeluxe, for example, will allow you to adjust both the resolution (to 72 dpi) and the picture size (which can be set in pixels, inches or several other units.) These settings all appear under the "photo size" menu. Here are some examples of how the different picture sizes appear in a Grumble message. These were all saved at 72 dpi and were not resized while uploading to the MSN community. (Geez, I wish they had called these things something other than 'communities.') Brace yourselves. As you'll see, the larger image sizes take much longer to load, especially with the dial-up connection that most of us are using. When you change the image size in your graphics editor, be sure and keep the proportions the same. Usually this will happen automatically, unless you change the defaults.

Here's one at 300x225 pixels (probably way too large for this image)

Here's one at 400x300 pixels

Here's one at 600x450 pixels

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