How to pick a Logo for your business

Marion P

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Mar 18, 2004
Maroochydore, Australia
Hi there,

Since everyone has been talking about Ron's website (congrats Ron on the website, looks good)

I've been thinking about a Logo for me. And I've been going around and looking at some of your logos out in the "G" and was wondering how do you decide the logo for you??

Thanking you in advance!

Picking a corporate image is a very personal thing and requires some thought. If you have a specialty, it can be incorporated into the design.

We were aiming for a young/modern/corporate/chain like image and wanted the (tiny 2 person 900sf) shop to look like part of something larger.

The RFP went out suggesting a design with 2 colors (so it could be easily cut with the vinyl/sign machine), and that it had to be workable in color OR black and white. (for newsletters, newspaper ads, pos invoices, etc)

42 artists bid on the project, and we picked one of the simpler designs from their samples. The artist fine tuned it just a little and provided business card, letterhead, and envelope templates which we sent to a print shop. The logo itself was given to us in EPS format, so it can be scaled from a postage stamp to a billboard size and keep the same quality. (sign machine likes this format)

The cost was $200 and we found the artist through

I've since used them to do logos for other businesses and clients. It's a really great resource.

Marion, about 16 years ago, we had a local graphic designer work up a new logo for us. He submitted three designs. I didn't understand any of them, but - at the urging of my full-timer who was always reminding me which of us had taste - I chose one that incorporated one of the cherubs from the famous Raphael painting. It was meaningless, but attractive.

A few months later, those damned cherubs starting showing up on EVERYTHING. A month after that, I was sick-to-death of them.

I think my designer probably subscribed to one of those services like Design Elements That Will Be Wildly Popular For a Few Months Before They Crash and Burn. Or maybe he'd just vacationed in California.

My point is: Avoid trendy designs if you want a logo that will last as long as your business.

Marion, why not give us a tag line for The Beveled Edge and let us play with it in our spare time?

Oh my gosh Ron! NIKE got to you too? AAAARRRGGGHHHHH . . .

How much do you pay him to use the reverse Swoosh?
I like the swoosh. It creates the subliminal message We Make House Calls really fast.

:eek: Swooshes must be in style

I chose my logo based on elements of framing, matting and artwork. I also wanted it to be easily reproducable in any form - newspaper, website, business cards, windows, signage, etc.

I also wanted a more upscale designer look - not industrial or commercial... Sort of like a Tiffany's simplistic logo. No matter where you see it - you recognize it (I am not THAT upscale - trust me!)

Having worked in the advertising and marketing industry for many years I have worked with many of the big name corporations such as GM, Kodak, Xerox, Bausch & Lomb, and the like. It is obvious that their logos are what they are and that the logo consistency and coloration is key to branding.

I prefer to have my business name be the consistent theme - and even though I have a "logo" of sorts - the name is what carries it wherever it is presented... and the colors can vary which is intentional as framing/matting have numerous colors - that is part of my approach.

I would paste a copy of it but I am sadly lacking in that ability. Perhaps I can send it to Ron to have him plunk it in.


Here ya go. Looks great!

Found a couple problems though: CONTACT US and SITE LINKS come up with errors.

Jerry, let me know if you need a different font color - like hot pink.

The other tag line I considered was "From the Land of 10,000 Framers."

You're pretty good at this! Should do some freelance work at
Here's mine.........I guess it isn't as much a logo as it is an image or a style I am trying to convey. It is a faux awning above my store front. I use it in all my advertising, postcards to customers, letterhead and my business card. I really like it.

Judy, the Cedar was getting old and cracking, so he painted over it with EmerAll.

Ron, what is the software? Oops, I'm sorry, was I supposed to go to the geek section???

I'm working on Portland Bungalow Frames, but MS Signmaker has a problem with through-tenons. :D
Ok, Ron, NOW you're scaring me.

I post the above just as I'm recieving an email,
informing me that I'm now subscribed to "Logo Shaker".

<font size=5>HALLOWEEN WAS YESTERDAY!!</font>
Kathy: I lke your logo.

Baer: No software. It's all freehand with Magic Markers.

Judy: The other tagline I was considering for Jerry was, "You get what you pay for."
I got an e-mail from Murray Raphel the other day. He will be doing an article on slogans in ABN in a few months. Maybe you all will see some of these...

I think he will like Ron's new one he has on his website...

Hi Everyone,

Sorry that I haven't answered any of your questions, but I've been so busy.

Ron, I love what you did... I enjoy wild and crazy color and it looks fun! and thats what I am. Also I'm just Beveled Edge but I get what you are meaning.
What I specialize is words cut out in mat boards, that is what I started doing and I got into custom framing as everyone wanted differnt size frames. I still do alot of the creative and decorative mat boards.

Someone told me to take my personality or my heritage and put it into my logo.. but the only thing I could think of that my personality and framing has in common is we are both slighly tilted LOL

I don't really have a tag line as such.

My business cards are turquiose & purple with a bit of hot pink.

So Ron if you have the time, I love your suggestions.

Thanks guys, thanks for all your help I'm loving all the suggestion!

Mike - Thanks for posting my store pix!! I have improved the logo and type face on my business cards and in advertising - but the square with the mat corner and squiggle are the elements I keep consisent!!