how to mount old sheepskin certificate


Apr 13, 2003
Hello fellow framers; I have a very old, rolled in small tube, sheepskin certificate needing framing. Are there any new procedures for mounting a sheepskin cert? does the new 'restore" archival mounting work?? Thx for your input. Seymour.
I just did an old sheepskin that was rolled up so tight, I really wasn't sure about the thing. However, I put it between two pieces of rag, spritzed the outside of the rag boards lightly, and put weights on it. I left it for several days. It did not come out completely flat, but it flattened it enough to be able to frame it. Folks here gave me some good suggestions and I used them. I did tell the customer that it wasn't going to be perfectly flat. They were happy with it in the end.
The importantest thing to remember about sheepskins, is "Resist the temptation to apply any kind of of heat at all!" It will curl and shrink before you can suck in your breath. Ask me how I know....
In other words, "the new restore archival mounting" will not work.

The process of mounting sheepskin is known as the "sheep's revenge." I am hardly expert-enough to comment but, like Ellen, I know what doesn't work.
Originally posted by Jerry Ervin:
Vellum will fry like bacon in a heat press. Smells pretty good actually, but looks terrible.

I could use some in here right now! I have a "Hair Salon" below me, they are using some perm solution today that I think is made of Hydrogen Sulfide! God it smells like **** in here!

Do women still do this to their heads today? Do women FRAMERS? Please say no!
If you search the threads there is quite a lengthy talk on framing sheepskin. I now make hinges using Lacaux 498 HV adhesive available from University Art Products.

I remember years ago my grandfather letting out an expletive when he used wheat paste and the times the sheep skin would contract in one area and expand in another area. You should never use water based products with sheepskin because it is so unpredictable.

Dave Makielski
That's because sheep are among the stupidest animals on earth.

Probably second only to chickens.