How to hang it?


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Sep 18, 2002
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Happy Holiday's to all!

I have a 41x26" stained glass piece that a lady would like framed.

She loves the L575254 moulding so I built it and mounted the large stained glass piece in it. Actually look beautiful.

Now, the problem.

She wants to mount it length wise and because it weights about 40-50 pounds she wants to mount it to the wall studs. (earthquakes)

So, looking at the front of the piece the first hanging point would be 4 1/2" from the left with the next stud located 22" from the left. (wire is out because you would easily see it through the cut glass) She would like an optional hanger at the far right also.

Is there any kind of hanging device that could just go from the far left to the right end?

I know this moulding is a very soft wood so I need to take that into account.

I went to Home Depot and looked around but didn't see anything I would be happy with.

I'm sure each of you have done something like this before...wink.


Try a "HangMan" hanger. Someone here suggested it to me and it worked great. Larson carries a similar hanger which I think is called EZBar?

The HangMan comes with it's own level. I got a 30" which supports up to 300 lbs. You could cut it and put part on one end and part on the other, or get a longer piece.

Good Luck.

oh yeah, you can find them at

The only trouble is, I think they require an order of 25?? But, they can tell you where to get them locally. Or, just you the EZBar.

Are you sure of those stud measurements? The reason I ask is normal stud center to center measurements are 16" and, in the older homes, sometimes they are on 24" centers. That isn't to say that somebody hand built the home and liked the 22" measurement.

Z bars come to mind first if you have&nbspto stay on the studs. I take it that she wants the piece to hang in exactly one place that doesn't coincide with centering the frame on 2 studs. I would opt for at least a couple of these turn in drywall anchors (if the walls aren't plaster and lath) in addition to the Z bars to help tie the Z bar to the wall.

<underline>My</underline> choice of course would be Wall Buddies with a safety anchor at the center bottom and a T-bolt to lock it down. Darrell sells security WB's now that would do the trick easily. Or you could use the regular WB's with a T-bolt anchor out of any security hanger kit.

Hope this helps you.

Why not give the client a package of security hardware and a key (tool). The type with the "T" head screws. They are available from United, etc.

Normally studs are 16" on center. The figure you quote is 17.5". ??????? Let the client do the hanging and placement of the hardware onto the back of the frame due to the uncertainty of placemment.

What's the big deal about such a light frame??

Home Depot, Lowe's, Ace Hardware, Corner Hardware, heck even 7-11 might have wall anchores . . . they are those white high-impact resine screw things that you drill into that fine sheetrock walls and then run a #10 pan head screw into after it passes though a jack hook [75lbs each side] and hand that sucker from 4 screw solid ring stirup hangers.

Or just go get the dang kit from any self respecting glass house.
Thanks all,

Cliff W. I just happen to have one in stock, 18", so will pass it by the customer.

Tom, great to hear from you again...beeeeeennnn a long time...wink. Z-Bars? I'll check them out.

Jerome thanks for your input!

Baer, I did all of my schooling in Portland (Oregon)only rains/snows Friday thru Monday's the rest of the it sunny and beautiful!!!

Well, you make it sound so easy? What about the soft wood holding the weight of the hanger?

Best to all, really good to hear from you again.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Years.
The only concern I have about the Z-Bars is that, I presume, you'd attach it across the top rail (so it can't be seen); I'd be a little concerned about all that weight being supported by the top rail. I like the wall anchor idea, or even Molly Bolts ... the ones with the wings that flip out.. Attach a couple of triple d-rings, one on each side rail, and that's that.

I'd also screw on a few L corner braces, one on each corner, just so I'd sleep at night....