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How to handle these Batiks?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 13, 2002
Fingerlakes Region of NYS
I have 2 batiks that I am framing for a customer. While waiting for materials (moulding on b/o nearly a month - finally here) - I remove them from the sleeve and the ink/dies have transferred to the storage sheet they are against.

What concerns me is that this will happen when they are in the frame package and cause discoloration to the materials I am using...

Do I put a disclaimer on the back for the customer - I would certainly not want her to have it redone every year or so, due to discoloration of materials, which is beyond our control.


Sounds like sublimation - the dyes can actually "vaporize" and transfer to contact materials.

If the dyes have only transferred directly behind the batiks you'll probably be ok, though I'd certainly mention to the owners what is happening. If the transfer is "wicking" horizontally, so that it shows beyond the edge of the textile, that could be a problem. In that case I would try to find a background color that would minimize any show.

Could it be that the wax was not completely removed from the fabric? Have they been in an extra warm environment? If this is the case, you could try ironing them through lots of paper towels to insure there is no wax remaining.


I think you hit it - there is a TON of wax still in the fabric. But, somehow, ironing the wax out seems like spray fixing a pastel.

What would you do?


The transfer should be due to direct contact with the wax. If you are matting the pieces, you can float the mats to avoid direct contact.
John's suggestion is the traditional method for finishing a batik. The pieces are dyed using a wax resist technique and then the waxes are removed so the fabric can be made into a garmet.