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How to get the creative juices flowing...


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 13, 2002
Fingerlakes Region of NYS
Framer's block?

How do you get yourself "fired up" and do some really nice things for yourself or the shop?

It has been a little pokey here and I am getting caught up. But I find when I am not that busy, my creativity is at a low point often, as well.

That's when I pray for one of my really fun/artsy customers to come in with a creative challenge. In lieu of that, is one reason I love taking classes - of any creative nature - it always flows over to other aspects of life, personal and business.


I'm taking a glass blowing class right now. It's fun and once you get used to the intense heat, it can be quite creative as the glass flows and can be shaped into who knows what!
Instead of waiting for one of your artsy/ creative customer/friends to come in ...invite one of them over for coffee and throw some thoughts around.

...or you can run around naked in your shop burning sage!
Didn't the Goddess suggest awhile back going to places like Pier 1 and find odd/interesting objects, and create some fab framing for samples? Once you get inspired and on a roll, you will feel busy and then the customers will come rolling in. You know, sort of like working alone and waiting to eat lunch or go to the ladie's room, that rush will be right behind your decision to leave your post!

Steph, we need to create a whole new category for you as newest, most entertaining grumbler. You're a hoot! :D
Yep Pier 1 is a fun place to shop, but antique stores are better!!!!

We once did a display of a bunch of antique pictures we found--all photo's of people, you know those great old photo's and EVERYONE who came into the store all said the samething.
"I have some old photo's of (insert relative here)I have always wanted to do something with them."--brought in some business.
Also old doilies and lace hankies and objects for shadow boxes---See if you can find some object that is really differant--truely "Off the Wall" and figure out a great way to frame it!!

Yep antique stores, always do it for me!

OK - Let me confess up front that I hate antique stores, but as much as I dislike them, my wife loves them. So then I figured if I had a choice to walk throught them or bust up a marriage of 40 years, I best figure out a reason to go into those stores with her. That's when I found out that old lace pieces and tattings and weird little objects are fun to frame and then put into our art gallery and gift shop. If you don't have a retail operation, then perhaps you could do some projects and put them out for sale in someone elses store. Now armed with my Attach-Ez, that I got at the West Coast Art and Frame Show, I am set to spend some vacation time visiting those antique stores. And my wife will think I am going doing it just for her. It may be a win-win.
Steph, You are too funny!! Your suggestion will not be my approach - but thanks for the idea!! I am pulling some old items out and just starting... I guess that is how it happens! Just take the first step... and next thing you know you are on a roll!!
That makes me very happy that I gave you some entertainment. But now you all have inspired me to finish what I started. I have some very cool plates from Pier 1 I got on clearance that I am framing as examples. Also we have a vintage consignment shop here that I have purchased items to frame for shop. An antique silver engraved pen knife. The engraving is so beautiful it had to be a womans. Vintage costume jewelry is great to frame. I turned one into a paper weight. Thanks I'm inspired again!
Steph, they all thought you were joking about the burning sage and running buff....

Let's just leave them to their beliefs..... we know that it's the ONLY thing that really works.