How to get double stick tape off a silk scarf?


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Jul 6, 2006
San Antonio, Texas
The customer brought in a framed silk scarf. She wants it taken out and off the board, BUT it looks to be stuck down with 1 1/2" wide heavy duty double sided tape. Problem is the residue from the tape is on the silk scarf. I'm taking it to a professional cleaner, but thought I'd check with ya'll and see if you have any advise on what can be done to remove the residue that won't harm the scarf. Thanks for any help.
Is there a chance that tape is stitchery tape? I don't know if it will make much difference, especially if it has been stuck on there for a long time. When you first use it, stitchery tape is supposed to be re-positionable.
We had someone bring in silk scroll with her last name written in multi-colored letters that look like fish and lighthouses. It was mounted with ATG along each side. We used an ATG remover - it looks like a rubber eraser. It took three hours to remove all of the ATG - inch by inch. We got all of it off and the customer was thrilled, but we did not charge enough for the work.

Double-sided tape may not come off as well as the ATG did.
This is really off the wall but I wonder if freezing would work. Isn't that what we were told to use with chewing/bubble gum when we were kids? Maybe I've just been reading too much about powder post beetle treatments.

Wow, I have 1968 posts on TG. That's the year I graduated from high school.
Jana, I was thinking the same thing about freezing! But I thought nah, they'll laugh at me. So now they can laugh at both of us! Hey, ya never know!
Peanut butter gets gum out of hair too. Wouldn't try that on the silk scarf though...HA!
Either a belt sander or a conservator would be the options I would consider... (there were schools in 1968???)
Give it to her to take to a professional cleaner.

It's not a job for a framer.
How important is the scarf? If its value is only decorative and it is disposable, then try any and all of the suggestions above.

On the other hand, if the possibility of ruining it is unattractive, then I suggest taking it to a conservator. I doubt that a dry cleaner would be able to identify the adhesive and remove it safely.

Given the choice, I would rather refer the customer to a careless dry cleaner than ruin the scarf by my own misguided deeds.
Thank you everyone! Gave the customer the dry cleaner's name & number, so she can work with them and decide what she wants to do. She is ok with that (me too). Thanks again.