How to figure frames per wall in corporate hallway


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I am working on a very large corporate project.

A question has come up and I don't know the answer and would like your input...

When dealing with hallways in corporate environment is there a rule of thumb for spacing of frames along the walls...

For instance there is a 40-60 foot wall - I am figuring one piece per 6-8 feet of wall... depending on the size of the pieces.

Should this be deferred to the interior decorator? Nah, I know you will give me great answers...

Depends on the size of the frames and content of the artwork. Did the decorator chose the artwork to be displayed? I do a lot of installations for corps. and usually there is someone who curates the collection and has an idea of how they want the art to be hung.
In my experience there is no spacing rule. It often depends on how much art they have and how much wall space they have.

I think to biggest dictator of this is the advertising budget they have to work with. Next would be the size of art you are using, larger pieces need to be spaced further apart. Everybody likes different looks. What Mr X at Company A loves, Mr Y at Company B will hate. It would be too easy if there was a text book answer to every situation.

One piece every 6 to 8 feet should be fine.


It all boils down to the length of the wall, the scale of the pieces. Too many pieces will make the space look tight and closterphobic, and too few will make it look sparse. There is usually a happy medium.

Questions to answer:

Did they have the art first? How many pieces? Is there a theme? Length of wall? Height of wall? Width of Hall?? Hall with two walls or doorways/windows on one side?? Height and width of finished framed pictures?? Type of wall covering??

These are just a few of the questions that you need to answer to get to your final number for the wall.

Almost certified as an interior decorator, just a couple of more courses to go :D One of our added on services with our framing.

my 2cents of interior decor for today


As an interior designer who specializes in art, I always create a 1/2" = 1' scaled elevation sketch of the wall and art. Basically, you need to measure everything, than convert it down to a workable size (1/2'). I use templates that I have cut out to represent the artwork. Then I can move them around on my sketch until it looks right. This method has never failed me.

Good Luck!

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Right on Danielle!
Same here when redoing walls, we use a scale down section, with all art cut to scale, and we can switch and change all we want to, and we do the same for instore displays, when moving display units around......great tip...
whoops! Forgot to mention the obvious!! the scaled drawings of the wall and art - this works really well. We use this for our in-home consultations for customers when they ask us to create a wall display using their work

have fun Roz