How to face Mount Photos to Acryllic Sheet Consistently?



I bought some face mounting adhesive from

I want to consistenly face mount photos to acryllic but often I get a stray air bubble here or there and it is very frustrating.

I use a Banner American dinosaur laminator.
First I unpeal 1" of wax paper from the adhesive and stick the 1" strip down to a carrier board.
Next I place the plexiglass underneath the adhesive.
Lastly I turn on the laminator and slowly peel back the release paper.

Bubbles typically appear on the edge going into the laminator. Not all the time, but enough to make it a problem.

any tips to make this a more consistent operation would be greatly appreciated.

Peace, Rolland

Did you consider contacting Coda with your questions? After all, they are the company who manufactures the adhesive and they should know the handling characteristics of that adhesive inside and out.

I noticed on their website that they have videos and manuals available on a number of products and procedures in their line. You may find something there that can be useful to you.

I have found that if I actually put the adhesive roll on the supply spool roll of the laminator, make the tension next to nothing and feed it throught I get good results. I was trying to do it by hand one sheet at a time before and there wasn't enough tension on the leading edge.

Banner America sold me the 3" to 1" reducing cores I needed to mount the laminate onto my machine.

Thanks Framerguy for reading and respondign to my post:) !