How to attach tapered candle?


True Grumbler
Jan 28, 2005
Papillion Nebraska
Hello again! I was wondering if you all have any ideas on the best way to attach a tapered candle in a shadowbox? I thought about invisible thread but it would have to dig into the candle a bit I would think in order to hold it and I don't want to do that if I don't have too. Boy was that a long sentence! Can't wait to see your replies, I am learning so much from you guys/gals. You're amazing!


Wall sconce candle holder attached to pinstripe matboard. candle base heated and set into candle holder.

Oh yeah, and pray it makes it out the door! (It'll be fine, just use silicone in the candle holder
I did one and sink mounted it. I used two mylar strips, slit the matboard on both sides of the candle and wrapped the mylar around the candle. Then taped the mylar on the back to hold tight. Worked great and you could barely see the mylar.