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I have a customer that has a mask of their face. It appears to be the stuff like you use to make a cast for broken limbs etc, except it isn't as thick. there are no openings in the mask except for the nostril holes. There is only a thin edge where the hair line would be. I thought about sewing but worried about if the stuff would crack. any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
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i taught art classes in which students made masks of their faces to be painted and personalized. they are made of strips of cheese cloth impregnated with plaster. i think you can pass an embroidery needle through the stuff, but first i would put some tape on the inside. then you can attach with wire, etc. i don't think it will seriously crack, but you may have to begin the hole with something very sharp and pointed.
Candi - we did this once with a plaster mask.

if you can get foamcore spaced strategically and build it up inside the mask (so you can't see it through the nostril holes) and then glue it to the matting and the mask.

It might take a lot of layers and a bit of time - but we've done it a few times with different items (big seashells, etc) and it seems to work quite well.