how many pages in your lease?

Things are a bit more relaxed in the Granite State; our lease only has two pages:

However, clause 14 c. is brief but concise -

"No pay; break legs!"
Six years ago, signed a ten page lease for one year. Renewed for another year (same lease). One of our best friends bought the building, lowered our rent, and now we have no lease. Talk about living on the edge. Could have terrible ramifications, but probably not.
About twenty years ago, I was negotiating a lease with a new landlord.

I looked it over and said, "I'll need to show this to an attorney."

He said, "Well you're in luck. I'M an attorney."

I had a different attorney look it over and recommended a few minor changes. I've rented from that same landlord ever since, in three different locations.

I think my lease is a trim 20 pages long. We just keep plugging in the new addresses.

In California that is a reasonable number of pages. Mine is 38 pages and can still be broken if I choose to. Go figure!

Good luck.
I had a "potential" lease with a national management chain. It was about that long.

For the shop I have now, the landlord didn't have a lease and wasn't sure if he wanted one. Said we were all "good guys." So, I had my lawyer draw up a five page lease and the landlord signed it. Everything seems fine, so far??? (Keeping his fingers crossed.)
I guess I am in the minority... 3 pages!!

Our attorney reviewed it and made recommendations and it pretty basic.

Glad it's not 35+ pages!

Several years ago, when I was looking for a location, a property management firm handed me a lease that was at least an inch thick. They'd of had me responsible for the building and the kitchen sink.

I didn't take that location and instead have a three year lease with several renewal options. The lease is about 6 pages long :cool:
ten years plus 2 five year options

Do I win a prize???

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I win a prize for going in the other direction.

27 years ago, I met the landlord on site....he was the guy with his sleeves rolled up, working with the crew. We talked and shook hands....that was our contract.

Six months later he walked into my shop with the lease to be signed.....we'd already been open about 2 months.

The page. :D

I had a 3 page lease with several options to renew. I also made sure that I would be able to get out of it if I needed to. I had a good lawyer. Basically it said that as long as I paid the rent, she was happy, if I didn't, I had to find someone who would and she couldn't refuse any reasonable tenant that I chose.
Three+ years ago we had received our lease for renewal consideration. I took it with me on a 10 hour car trip thinking I would be able to read it and make a final decision. I read all 89 pages and found two pages that told me what I could do, the rest covered what I couldn't do. I needed this headache to go with a rat problem and 5 leaks in the roof??? :mad: The previous lease had been 60 pages.

I found a nice strip mall with brand new buildings for the same rent and no CAM,trash or water charges. The lease was 6 pages long and looked too good to be true. We took it to a lawyer and he said it was the most tenant friendly contract he had ever seen. We moved and have never regretted it.

Ok John I have that end covered too. At my other space in Falls Church. Eleven yrs. ago I went to the home of my landlady and while watching the Price is Right she said that it was ok for me to move in. She came by about 4 months later with a 3/4 of a loose leaf page lease hand written in pencil and "asked" if I would type it and sign it. The rent was $1250.00 per month for 4000 square feet and remained that amount for seven years.
I have rented the same space for 22 years, this is my second landlord (he used to work for the first one) and I think he buys the lease form at some office store, it is one page long, and he hasn't made me sign one for several years, nor has he raised the rent. If something is in need of fixing, I call him on his cell and the problem is taken care of in a matter of hours. He loves having me as a tenant (cause I am the only one in 4 storefronts and two apartments to be here continuously for 22 years -the other spaces keep filling and emptying). I love him as a landlord cause he is a cool **** with a great attitude.

It's that time of year when he usually comes in and "threatens" to have me sign the lease and then promoise to give me a copy. LOL!!!