How many is too many?


WOW Framer
Jul 24, 2001
Buffalo, New York, USA/Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada
Here is a photo of a frame I had to take apart last week. The thing was 27x38 and I removed 72 stables, spaced approximately one inch apart! There was obviously too much pressure on the gun and the wood was too soft so most of the staples were only protruding about 1/8th of an inch.


Wouldn't it have made sense to back off the pressure or use a different gun? I replaced the piece (canvas stretched over masonite - notice the lovely masking tape), presumably by the world famous artist (who stretched it, primed it and then painted it) - with about 30 F-18 brads (after removing the ancient corrugated [already removed in the photo] and replacing it with Artcare foamboard).

How many fasteners do y'all normally use per piece - and how do you space them? I realize this depends on the size and weight of the piece - but I am curious...has anything ever gone out of your shop with this many staples?

Of course, one answer may be a new employee or a new toy (I remember when Kramer's shop first got pneumatic staplers...).
I had something similar last week only it was a "Limited Edition print" autographed by George Forman.
It was attached to the frame with masking tape and backed with a large piece of plywood.

The paper work that accompanied it said it was printed on Archival Museum paper (which it was). However, it wouldn't survive very long with that plywood.
I once counted 15 15mm v-nails in the corners of a frame I had to fix because the corners came apart. How stupid is that?
I use the Framemaster and space 3-4" apart. I've never seen professional framers use the staples. I don't care for the flexipoints. I've seen the package become loose. Perhaps they should have used more. I've used 18 x 3/4" brads before the point shooter.
Pamela - that reminds me of this frame - 3/4 moulding with 5 nails in each corner - and it fell apart! LOL! Maybe it was a DIY who forgot to use glue???

I watched the demonstrator in the Fletcher-Terry booth show the ease of use on their new pneumatic point driver. She put in about 15 points in a 6" space.
Pneumatics are much too fun for the novice...especially if they aren't paying for the points.
I use the Fletcher point driver (#2 diamond points) and space them ~5” apart making sure that there is one as close to the corner as I can manage in at least one of the rails.