How many frame shops in your town?

I can't tell you how many there are in our city, but within 3 miles of us there are FIVE! I might add that in the same area there are only THREE gas stations. I guess that's why one of the frame shops came out with a coupon today:
"$39.95 Frame-A-Poster SPECIAL (includes reg. glass, dry mount, metal frame for any size up to 24" x 36")" or "50% OFF any custom frame or ready to hang art" or "15% OFF any competitor's written estimate".

I'd hope that any savvy shopper would realize that these sure sound like desperate measures and would take heed! One can only hope.
I'm the only one within 45 miles. After that, not another one for a couple more hours down the road.

I forgot there may be one in the next town 60 miles eastish.
There are 2 in the shopping center across the street;
1 in the center across from that one (farther away from us);
1 about 1.5 miles away on the main drag;
2 about 1.5 miles the other wat (toward downtown)

Of the 7 (including us) 5 are cheap-to-cheaper, 1 is mid-range and 2 (inlcuding us) are mid-to-high end

Probably 50+ shops in the city

Oh, yeah - its a "major market" which means TV/radio/newspaper advertising is $$$$

We have three in our city (including me). The population is around 35,000.

42 in our current phone book.... but only 7 within a 2-3 mile radious!
Judy yours works out to 1 per 2454capita
Interestingly mine is 1 per 2604capita, I remember a similar thread some time ago (it could have been years) which covered a good range of areas and the average was about the same everywhere. Mike is in an extremely undersaturated market area and could certainly expect this to be noticed by the BB's in the area.
I realize most of the replies have been from smaller populated areas .However My figures are slightly different ,both in the number of shops and percntages.
As best I can remember from a survey my chapter did some time back there is approximately 110 shops that list frameing in the Yellow pages and the population of the N.O. metropolitan area is app. 450,000 or about 1 per 4090.
however this doesn't include HB framers that don't have Yellow page adds.
A better question might be, how many full time frame shops? Currently we are the only one in community of 12,000 and a trade area of ? but we are a very mobile state and 50 miles is not far or even 125 miles if the fancy strikes the customer. We used to have 4 but we were the only full timers. People know us in at least a 50 mile radius but it is not suburbia like many areas.
i work in DC, so there are a few. In DC alone there would be about 70 in my guess. Then you have northern VA, and southern MD just minutes away, there is about another hundred or so. There are very expensive and the cheapeez.
We are in an alley-high priced good stuff, on one block there is a shop- he is medium price, then the other block is cheapo. We all fit a niche. There are alot though.
Judy, if our per capita is similar to yours, Appleton should have about 30.

That sounds about right, though it's impossible to keep track. Some of them don't last long-enough to make it into the yellow pages and only two, that I know of, have been here over twenty-five years. (One because of smart business practices and the other because of sheer orneriness.)
Two here in Clayton that are full time - Michaels and me. Five home framers (two that do excellent work). We're just outside Raleigh and there's a bunch of framing businesses there. Smithfield is about 15 minutes to the east of my shop and there are three full time shops there.
There's only one REALLY GOOD framing shop in San Diego, that I know of, don't know how many others there are.

Thanks for the compliment, John....but you are being too hard on yourself. Your shop is pretty good too.
I don't even want to think about that one. I'm in NYC, and there are probably 4 shops within a 5 minute walk from where I am working. You should see the listings in the yellow pages. The only saving grace is most of them just use Nielsen frames so they can frame in an hour. So much for high quality there...
20 that have ads in the YPs, a couple newbies since they came out and a couple more home based. Have had a "bloom" of them in the past two years, but have seen several with good locations and fairly good talent go down the tubes for various reasons. I would say that a good third of the shops are marginal (struggling) with only a handful really doing well.
I would say that right now we are a bit over saturated with a peak population of about 50K, and a good many of them are in transition (just passin' through).
The nearest BB is about 14 miles, and there are several within a mile or so of each other.
Awe shucks, Rob, you have it all bass ackwards. What the heck, I'll go with it, I like your stores, even if they are newbies.

I have about 45 shops within 6-7 miles semi-circle. I am 2 miles from the Detroit border "8 mile". Detroit proper has a limited supply of framers. From what I understand from my LJ rep., there are over 200 accounts that she handles (Detroit Metro). Therefore, there are more than the 200 or so. Some shops do not use LJ and most alternative location shops are not eligable for service from LJ.
Population 43,000 and 6 framers including us. We are on the main street. Two are a mile away, two 2 miles away and the last, the "M" guy across town. We have been here for 23 years. Although parking is a problem downtown I am lucky to have diagonal parking right out my back door and a parking garage on the other side of those cars.
Population 60K 3rd largest city in KY. We have 1 B.B. and 4 framers counting me. Im the new guy and the other 3 have been around 15+ years. Although Im not sure how many more they will be around! :D