how highs the water


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Aug 23, 2002
Omro WI
Just wondering how the other Wisconsin framers are weathering the rising water. Here in the fox valley, the Fox river is offically over its banks.
Hey anyone want to rent a river front frame shop for few weeks. :D it has a lovely indoor basement pool.
We are still fine just hoping everyone else in the area is OKay if not, let us know how we can help.

Jill and Pete Hennes
Omro Gallery
Jill, Evald delivery was just here and heading toward Oshkosh. They didn't sound very happy about it.

Good luck. I have a 17-ft canoe if you'd like to borrow it to get around your shop.
kitty not to worried about the shop yet basement is 8 inches deep in water but nothing the pump we can not buy in this town wont fix. ha ha fire department is coming to give us a pump out this afternoon. God I love small towns. The bakery across the street made room for the restaurant nest to us to use their freezers. We are all surviving on small town good will.
I lost nothing knew the basement was wet and didn't put much down there at all.

Am getting suspicious though could have sworn I saw two lama's go by the window. Dose someone know something I don't. If so I'll be swimming up to get that canoe
Am getting suspicious though could have sworn I saw two lama's go by the window. Dose someone know something I don't.


Not to worry, I understand that Noah has retired from the Ark building business and is now working for the volunteer fire dept.

You may see him pumping out your basement,

really old guy,

.......... white beard,

black boots,

.......... long robe,

fireman's hat ............

My shop is in MN and we are real wet here as well. We have a boat at a Marina in Prescott WI. which is only 12 miles from my shop. The water under our boat went from 6.5 feet at the end of May to 18 feet this last week. Mankato, MN just had 9" of rain, all of which will dump into the Minnestoa river. Unfortunately the MN runs North and dumps into the Mississippi. It should reach us sometime next week. We may not have an ark, but we have a boat! I may have to borrow Ron's canoe to get to it though.

There is another storm moving again today, and it will probably keep going into WI. Sorry Jill, wish I could stop it, but you may want to take Ron up on the offer of his canoe.

I think our 10,000 lakes are going to join with the WI lakes and the Mississippi River and form another Great Lake. What do you think we should call it?
Made it through the night, more rain to come tonight thought. Thanks for all the prayers they must have helped. Pete went down to set up a pump to pump out the basement and 8 inches of water had disapeared..ready for this one. the building a one time was a restaurant with coolers in the basement the water drained out through a cooler drain that had never be plugged, when they pulled the coolers out. I am the luckiest lady alive right now.

We cheeseheads are getting a nice variety of weather these days.

Sometimes it rains in the morning. Sometimes it rains in the afternoon. Sometimes it rains all day.

Everything is starting to mildew, but at least nothing is floating away here.
We're south of both Jill and Ron. So all their water will eventually get down this way. In about a half hour, I suppose.

We just got another deluge for at least another couple of inches. We're on top of where the glaciers receded so all underneath is gravel and rock. Normally drains so fast we can't keep anything growing but now it squishes out loud under foot.

I think Buffy's right that we're about to get a new Great Lake. It's started in our paddock. How about the Big Pond Jr.?

My husband is starting to build an ark. We figure we already have 2 horses, 2 dogs, 2 people and can scarf up a couple of worms to bring along without too much trouble. Of course trying to keep the mosquitoes to a max. of 2 will be a bit more difficult.

Jill, I have a 4 person rubber raft for you. Take care and keep that drain open.

Amy McCray
Hickory Hollow Framery
Down here in Whitewater we've had plenty of rain too. Whitewater Creek over flowed its banks a few days ago but I didn't see anyting about it on CNN. They all must have been up north. ;)
how did you make it Anne no damage I hope. We are fairing fine but I saw some of the photo's of Anne's town we are doing peachy compared to that looks like it went right through your down town. Have you heard if they are going to declare this area a disaster area we had a police officer in Sat making out a report for fema.

Stay dry all they say the water will crest here on Wednesday. but the weatherman is calling for more storms too..
I live in Quincy, Il and we will get your water in a couple of days. Things were pretty wet here last week. Park District closed all the boat ramps so no boating for us. Water receded late last week and we got out on the MIssissippi yesterday. Sounds like the water is coming back up. It's storming here now, I don't know if it ever will quit.
Hi Jill,

Glad to hear that you are okay. It sounded like you had such a neat place for a shop.......until now. :D

Michigan has received your weather graciously. We have had floods around here too. Lake Michigan emptys into the Grand River and it has definitly gone over its banks. Lots of damage. Forunately for me, we are not close to it.

We're still pumping water out of our basement. The ground water is seeping up through the floor. We aren't near the river. It turns out that they could have prevented the flooding in downtown if the city had drawn down the mill pond in anticipation of the heavy rains we have been having. They didn't realize till last night's city council meeting that they had the authority to do that, they thought the needed DNR permission. :rolleyes: The DNR says no they don't. As dam owners they are responsible for maintaining a safe level of water in the mill pond. We probably won't get FEMA, looks like the city might be liable for the damage.

The water we have been getting isn't going to the Mississippi or the southern part of the state. The Fox River drains into Lake Michigan. We drove through the "back" side of Omro yesterday and could see that the river was up to the backs of the buildings on Main St. Berlin, which is up river from there, has never seen water levels so high. They're expecting it to crest Wednesday also. From there, it goes onto Appleton, but Ron is up too high to have to worry about it.
Has anyone heard from Jill? Is she still doing ok? I heard that the river is expected to crest at record levels tonight or early tommorrow (and we might also get more rain :eek: !). Her area is under a flash flood warning and quite a few people have been notified to be ready to evacuate at a moments notice.
doing okay they are calling for the river to crest on Saturday now had a bit of a fright yesterday when there were reports of the Eureka dam breaking, but still high and dry in the main part of the shop. Looks like we will need to schedule basement cleaning parties though. How are you fairing. the foundation of your place holding up okay. there have been reports of houses in Oshkosh being condemned due to foundation damage caused by water in the basement.

We're fine. This old place has had problems with water in the basement during wet spells since it was built 99 years ago. It has field stone basement walls and the ground water is high. Alot of the ones in Oshkosh either got hit by water from the river or the sewer backed up leaving a nasty mess. We don't have those problems luckily, just plain water. It's mostly down to damp spots. We do have a pond out back now in a low spot behind the old barn foundation.
I fixed my leaky toilet last Sunday, so our water problems are pretty much over.

It does make me a bit nervous to hear the sump pump running almost continuously. A half-hour or so without power and we'd be flooded.

Whether it's Lake Michigan, the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific Ocean or the Fox River and Lake Winnebago, I really like living near the water. But I'm a lot happier living waaaaaay above it.

Good luck, Jill and Anne and anyone else affected.
Jill, are you still there! :eek: The Omro area got more heavy rain last night, in some places as much as 2 more inches. The highway through town that runs past Jill's shop was flooded and last I heard they had closed it and detoured the road. Hope the main floor of her shop is still dry!
main floor is still dry but the basement got flooded again. Thank god for old builders, the storm drain did its job again and emptied it. the river itself is two foot closer to the building but it would have to go up 8 feet to reach my main floor.

by the by any one have any ideas on building arks out of frame sample corners, I could sure use them.

How are you fairing any more water your way?
Lets see if i have this figured out
picture here (I hope) :confused: well here goes for nothing photo album
i gave up ron is still the picture posting god.

but these are a few views of my town. we will be having 80 crafters by that sign, and dosen't that entry to my parking lot look like fun.